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Imagining Wild Horses

Through the mist of shrouded pre-dawn dew, tails of wispy golden amber and ebony swish rhythmically.  Two high pitched baby nickers respond immediately to the call of another.  Three new…

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Reduce Your Impact in the Saddle

Our horses’ backs must support our weight and help balance us as we ride. Whether you’re jumping a course or heading out on a trail ride, the simple act of being in the saddle means that you have a significant impact on your horse’s back. Luckily there are a number of ways that you can lessen your impact in the saddle.

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Are you Addicted to Horses?

Welcome to the most rewarding addiction in the world: horses. What is an addiction? "An addiction is a condition that results when a person engages in an activity that can…

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The Tail Wagging The Dog

By Carole Herder The rain paused briefly as the Hunt in Roberts Creek kicked off today. Careening through the countryside with 30 horses and riders at top speed is a…

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Barefoot in the UK

I though you all would be interested in a recent interview with a barefoot horse owner in the UK! Q1: Where are you from, what type of horse do you…

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