The Cavallo Barefoot Trim Manual

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A Guide for Keeping Horses in their Natural Barefoot State. Written by Cavallo President, Carole Herder and Veteran Farrier turned Expert Trimmer, Lynn Seeley. Includes Special Bonus – HOW TO TRIM supplementary DVD.

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After hearing such rave reviews of your boots on the Horses in the Morning podcast, on the Horse Radio Network, I decided to try them for my Mustang Fez. I have tried various brands and styles of boots on different horses in the past with poor results. Fez came to me with pretty poor feet, and has improved slowly with trimming and natural movement. He is, however, still a bit ouchy on some of the rocky roads and trails that we ride in Northern California. He loves!!! his Cavallo Boots. I love how easy they are to get on and off. I was so pleased with the amazing personal service that I got when I called to discuss my sizing and use concerns when I was ready to purchase boots. Jenny was very attentive, knowledgable, and helpfull. I needed to send the first set back because Fez was on the line between 2 sizes. Again, the customer service was stellar. I look forward to many miles of trails with Fez in his new boots.

Robin Kane in Willits, CA

Carole Herder Interviewed on Horse Chats Australia
Carole's recent interviews with Horse Chats Australia are educational, INSPIRATIONAL and a lot of FUN! Horse Chats was created for people who have a love and passion for horses, the equine industry and related areas.  People who wish to gain knowledge and improve their skills and/or abilities. They deliver a host of current and informative content from industry experts nationally and internationally, on a range of topics. Speaking freely as the creator of Cavallo Hoof Boots and also as a lover of horses, hear Carole talk about her experience in the equine industry and talks about how she came to develop Cavallo Hoof Boots!   Please listen to Carole’s first podcast here:    Podcast # 258, June 2018 - 'Question your Belief Structure and Question What You Hold to be True'   Horse Chats Australia Logo banner


  Wishing you many happy miles in your Cavallos, Carole Herder's Signature

Carole Herder Horse-Chats it up!

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