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Heller 14” Black Master Rasp


Heller 14” Black Master Rasp


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The Heller Black Master is a finely toothed rasp especially well suited for hard, dry hooves. The Black Master differs from other rasps — anextra coating ensures material is released from the rasp more easily and makes the rasp more wear resistant. This rasp is particularly suited to horses that spend a lot of time outside and accumulate sand and mud that can negatively impact the wear process of rasps.
The file side of Heller rasps is sharp, enabling efficient removal of material with little effort.

  • Length: 360 mm
  • Width: 43 mm
  • Thickness: 5 mm
  • Number of teeth per row: 6




I am very pleased with Apache's new Cavallo boots! She wore them on our Back Country Horsemen work project, for 4-5 hours today, on very rocky trails. Horse Hoof Boots The boots ended up being easy to slip on. I put them on the opposite feet. My mare never gimped over or avoided rocks on the trails and the boots stayed secure all day and didn't give her any raw or sore spots. She really seemed comfortable all day. And that makes me happy! Thank you! Lisa

Apache's New Boots

Cavallo Hoof Boots at Pacific Hoof Care Practitioners Conference in Reno, Nevada 2018
If you were at the Pacific Hoof Care Practitioners (PHCP) conference last weekend, you were among the select few getting some amazing training in hoof care. Greg and I were thrilled to meet all you dedicated, smart and vibrant hoof care professionals. Cavallo quickly stepped up to show our support and admiration by sponsoring this event. We work with those we know, like and trust:  like-minded and motivated trimmers pioneering the change in the world of hoof care, one horse at a time. Here are a few photos from the conference! [caption id="attachment_13280" align="alignleft" width="452"]Carole Herder, Greg Giles and Gregory Sokoloski Houston Mounted Patrol, Cavallo Hoof Boots at Pacidic Hoof Care Practitioners Conference Reno 2018 Greg and I with Mia from Quebec![/caption]                   [caption id="attachment_13282" align="alignleft" width="452"]Cavallo Hoof Boots - the Pacific Hoof Care Practitioners Conference in Reno 2018 - PHCP Awards Received Pacific Hoof Care Practitioners award winners![/caption]                   Wishing you many happy trails in your Cavallo Hoof Boots, Carole herder's Signature and Book details

Fun at the Pacific Hoof Care Practitioners Conference!