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Heller 14” Black Master Rasp


Heller 14” Black Master Rasp


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The Heller Black Master is a finely toothed rasp especially well suited for hard, dry hooves. The Black Master differs from other rasps — anextra coating ensures material is released from the rasp more easily and makes the rasp more wear resistant. This rasp is particularly suited to horses that spend a lot of time outside and accumulate sand and mud that can negatively impact the wear process of rasps.
The file side of Heller rasps is sharp, enabling efficient removal of material with little effort.

  • Length: 360 mm
  • Width: 43 mm
  • Thickness: 5 mm
  • Number of teeth per row: 6




"The Cavallo Total Comfort System Saddle Pad has been effective and beneficial in the training of my Dressage horses. It is necessary that the horse's back remains comfortable during all training sessions and the TSP assists in this manner."

Leslie Reid, Winner: Dressage Freestyle P.N.E., Pacific National Dressage Champion, Freestyle Festival, Grand Prix World Cup Qualifier

I have used the simple boots on all three of my horses for the last 4 years. I run my horses barefoot, but when we go up into the tetons, I always boot them. There isn't anything we haven't experienced in our gorgeous mountains. We have been through deep rivers, sucky mid, slick ice and snow, smooth granite slabs, rocky trails and greasy, muddy slopes. We have never had a boot come off or had one wear sores on my horses feet. Out terrain is rough but incredibly breath taking. I'm 64 and depend on my horses to get me to and from these incredible mountains safely. Thanks Cavallo, for a boot that even a more seasoned (old) lady can get on and off with ease.

Lois, Washington State, USA