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Inside the Cavallo All-Purpose English Saddle Pad, our medical memory foam sits on either side of the spine to enhance the function of the saddle gullet, allowing your horse a place to put his backbone and use his stricture properly.  Shock absorbing memory foam will provide a gentle massaging action as it bounds back in anticipation of the next impact. Seat bone cues are easily transmitted for disciplines from Dressage to Jumping. Lightweight…weighs only one pound!

Firm poly fiber sheets have been inserted alongside the protective memory foam inserts – these poly fiber sheets create internal stability, which serves to further equalize the load in high performance sports. These panels produce an inner equilibrium that even in very active rider movement or saddle stress situations, will allow a more complete utilization of the horse’s scapula. THE PERFECT FIT between horse and rider.

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Our medical memory foam on either side of the spine enhances the function of the saddle gullet, allowing your horse a place to put his backbone and use his structure properly. Shock-absorbing memory foam will provide a gentle massaging action as it bounds back in anticipation of the next impact. Seat bone cues are easily transmitted for disciplines from Dressage to Jumping. Lightweight… weighs only one pound!

Cavallo Total Comfort System Saddle Pads are designed to promote even distribution of weight to the weight-bearing longissimus dorsi muscles along either side of the horse’s backbone; to keep weight off the horse’s spine; and to allow room for the horse’s scapula to move properly within the narrow confines of the saddle.

Our Four-Density Solution, plus the performance enhancement (PE) panel,  combined with fine finishing details including genuine leather butt joints, nylon bindings and aeration perforations, provides the Ultimate in Saddle Pads, benefiting both horse and rider!

Cavallo Performance Enhanced Saddle Pad System

Shock absorbent: it’s not shocking!

  • Saves the backs of both horse and rider
  • Promotes blood circulation (the slow release memory of the open cell foam creates a gentle massaging action on the horse’s muscle structure)

Improves saddle fit: Fit for Excellence!

  • Contracts at pressure points, fills gaps
  • Enhances the saddle gullet (protecting the spine)
  • Cutback allows wither relief
  • More comfort for a saddle which fits perfectly
  • Allows one saddle to be used on multiple horses
  • Compensates for the changing horses back (different levels of conditioning, natural development over the season and development over the horse’s lifetime)

Thin: Thin is important!

  • 4 different material densities creates a thinner pad with greater shock absorption than a pad twice as thick
  • allows more room for free movement of the scapula (shoulder blade)

Reversible: Effective & Stylish

  • New Zealand wool on one side, closed cell shock absorbing foam on the other
  • Use either side against the horse; it’s your personal preference!

Cavallo Technology

Patented Nitrex Closed-Cell Foam:Non-PVC foam that has low resilience and low penetration value, resulting in excellent shock absorption, insulation, cushioning and rebound (G-value energy return). Far superior to traditional foams.

  • Soft and Lightweight
  • Water-Absorption-Free

Open-Cell Memory Foam To Enhance Saddle Fit:

  • releases as the rider shifts weight to vary pressure and gently massage the muscles, promoting healthy circulation
    evenly distributes rider and saddle weight on the muscles
  • contracts where the saddle is tight and remains full where the saddle has less contact.

New Zealand Merino Wool:100% Merino Wool carded and consolidated into a dense material. The resulting cloth is then heat-bonded to enhance dimensional stability, durability and abrasion resistance.

  • high directional stability to maintain shape
  • Resilient
  • Durable
  • wicks away moisture
  • breathable and insulating





Gabriella Lynn - Western Kentucky university horse hoof boot student researcher

Biggest Congratulations to Gabriella Lynn!

The Western Kentucky University (WKU) Equine Science Department recently released study results confirming Cavallo Trek Hoof Boots benefit horses. Now, the student researcher responsible for the study, Gabriella Lynn is in the spotlight again. She has been awarded a scholarship to London’s Royal Veterinary College (RVC).  There, Lynn will pursue a joint undergraduate and veterinary degree. The RVC was ranked number one in the world for veterinary sciences by QS World University Rankings in 2019. A completed degree from the RVC will enable Lynn to practice veterinary medicine anywhere in in North America and Europe.

A Contributor to Equine Wellness

A current WKU student, Lynn is graduating from WKU’s Gatton Academy. Only one full scholarship is awarded per year by the RVC. Lynn focuses on equine comfort, well-being, and health as an important motivator for her research projects. Through her recent studies and research findings, Lynn has become a significant contributor to the improvement of equine health and wellness.

Looking at Hoof Boots from a Scientific Perspective

Western Kentucky University Hoof Boot Study - Cavallo (2)Lynn authored an independent WKU study in 2019. This hoof boot study led to the conclusion that Cavallo Hoof Boots benefit horses. It was carried out by Lynn and WKU Assistant Professor, Dr. Jennifer Gill, through the Western Kentucky University Equine Science Department. The first study of its kind, it compared hoof boots to traditional metal shoes. Cavallo Trek Hoof Boots were featured as the study subject—and results confirmed that Cavallo Hoof Boots benefit horses by providing comfort, protection and minimizing potential hoof damage. The findings? Hoof boots significantly reduce pressure on the hoof. This study focused on surface area, force, and pressure exerted on horse’s hooves while traveling on the hard surface of asphalt. The scientists used FujiFilm Prescale imaging to determine the amount of pressure felt in the horse’s hooves. This film procedure allowed the scientists to see dynamic pressure through color mapping.

Best Wishes to Gabriella

Cavallo wishes Lynn all the best and everyone at Cavallo is looking forward to hearing about Lynn’s future accomplishments in the equine world! To read more about Lynn’s accomplishments and future plans, please click HERE! To watch WKU’s video report about their hoof boot study, plus a video with Lynn and Gill discussing the project, click HERE. READ THE ARTICLE published by about Gabriella Lynn and Jennifer Gill’s first study conducted. This study was published in the Equine Veterinary Science Journal in 2019.

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Student Researcher Receives Scholarship to Royal Veterinary College Following Cavallo Hoof Boot Study

Cavallo Green Black Trek Hoof Boots Review.2

A Question I'm Often Asked...

What is Merry wearing on her feet? Recently, I've received a few comments on my photographs asking about Merry's boots. The answer?  Cavallo Hoof Boots!
I keep Merry barefoot; it suits our lifestyle perfectly. The most important reason why? Her comfort - and the positive side effect is that she isn't ripping shoes off with parts of her hoof wall.

Barefoot and No Going Back!

Cavallo Green Black Trek Hoof Boots Review.4The more I learn about keeping Merry barefoot, the more it confirms it is the right decision for us. Merry is ever so slightly pigeon toed, when she was initially shod she would rip her shoes off and we eventually had more glue than hoof. This was the first reason that I realized shoeing Merry was not right for her.  Now she's barefoot her feet look fantastic. Merry has been barefoot for 99.9% of the time that I have owned her. When she arrived I had her shod.  Her feet were a bit of a mess and I automatically thought having her shod was the answer.  I was wrong, and unfortunately it made them worse - a lot worse.  My heart would sink when she would walk into the yard, minus a shoe and lots of hoof wall missing.

Looking Hard for the "Cons"...

Cavallo Green Black Trek Hoof Boots Review (2)Over time, I've learnt about the anatomy of the hoof, the pros of keeping her barefoot, (I've not found any cons I have to admit) and how the foot flexes and absorbs movement. When Merry is ridden regularly over the Summer, her feet condition nicely.  However, we continue to use our Cavallo Trek Boots because they offer Merry protection from any terrain or distance - and when we arrive home and untack - we can just take them off.  Her feet are checked and trimmed accordingly every 6 - 7 weeks to make sure they're in good shape and to avoid any flares or cracks occurring - which has never happened. Merry has hoof boots on all four feet to give her maximum protection whilst hacking, I take extra care of her feet because she has had Laminitis in the past (before I owned her) and we had White Line Separation to overcome when she arrived with us.

It's About Comfort

I keep Merry as comfortable and natural as I possibly can. Keeping her barefoot is just one way of achieving that.  It works brilliantly for us, her feet have never looked so good and we don't feed any supplements or use any 'lotions or potions'.  It's down to mother nature with a helping hand from our Cavallo Hoof Boots.........  -Sarah Kirk, Blogger at Multiple Sclerosis, Merry & Me Sarah is a blogger and lives in the UK.  To view her Facebook page, please click HERE! 

What is Merry Wearing on her Feet?

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