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Equine Affair Testimonial


I love attending shows such as Equine Affair. Not only do we get to see our respected colleagues and treasured friends, but we meet new ones as well. It’s really great when people come up to our booth and introduce themselves.  Last week was a truly gratifying experience as we listened to several people recite their successes with Cavallo Hoof Boots. I’d like to share this one in particular, as it started out being really scary and then thankfully had the happy ending.

“I stopped in your booth yesterday and discussed the changes you’ve made in the Velcro on the newer boots. Last summer I was riding with a friend on an asphalt trail. I had front Cavallo boots on so my horse didn’t chip his hooves. It was hot out and we decided to take a side path down to the river to get them a drink. At the bank of the river, my gelding suddenly sunk up to his belly in quicksand and rotted leaves. I quickly stepped off. After a few minutes of struggling, he was able to pull himself out. I thought sure his boots would be gone. But no, there they were, still firmly attached. I couldn’t believe it! Thank you for making a great product!”   – Diane Colvin

Happy Trails,

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