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Image of Jody Childs on her horse while doing a gaited clinic.

Jody Childs

I first met Jody Childs at a trail riding event several years ago and was enthralled by her warmth, kindness and very apparent natural horsemanship.

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Image of Emma Massingale standing on her Liberty Horses

Emma Massingale

If you haven’t been following the amazing and talented Emma Massingale, then now is the time to start! Emma is an award-winning horse trainer, specializing

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A trainer along with people who have all participated in a horse clinic.

4 Simple Clinic Tips

Clinics are great  and simple opportunities to receive riding tips and advice from some great trainers. But if you’ve never ridden in a clinic before,

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Equine Assisted Learning: An Emerging Practice

By now, you’ve probably heard of therapeutic riding. It’s true that therapeutic riding offers participants many great benefits, but have you heard of equine assisted learning? Equine assisted learning is an emerging practice which continues to gain popularity. Interested?

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Cavallo Hoof Boots

Those Incredible Equines: Horses Can Recognize Human Emotions

Have you ever noticed a difference in your horse on days when you’re feeling sad? Maybe he’s softer and quieter with you – it almost seems like he knows you’re upset. And the same can be true of days when you’re feeling on top of the world as you enjoy a canter across a field. Your horse might throw in an exuberant buck or two in his excitement.

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