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Julie Goodnight and Barbra Schulte and Carole Herder at Equine Affaire

Equine Affaire with Schulte and Goodnight

The Dynamic Barbra Schulte

I was first exposed to Barbra Schulte’s work when I was struggling to find the confidence required as a novice barrel racing competitor. Barbra’s “Mentally Tough” program and visualization techniques helped me cowgirl up for this high speed event. Among her numerous accomplishments, Barbra was the first woman to wear the crowns of the 3 events: the 1988 NCHA Derby, the 1992 NCHA Super Stakes Classic, and the 1992 Augusta Futurity.

Additionally, in 2000 Barbra was awarded the prestigious National Female Equestrian of the Year Award given by the American Quarter Horse Association in conjunction with the Women’s Sports Foundation, recognizing outstanding performance and leadership in a female equestrian.

In 2012 Barbra was inducted into the National Cowgirl Hall of Fame, one of the most prestigious honors possible for women equestrians. This makes Barbra a distinctly impressive horsewoman and add to this – she is a delightful pleasure to enjoy a social evening with!

Friendship with Julie Goodnight

Julie Goodnight  and I have developed a relationship throughout the years which not only consists of a truly enjoyable friendship, but also I have a great admiration for her horse sense and ability. Julie has countless accolades that make her one amazing horsewoman. Every time we meet, I learn another important lesson and am dazzled by her humble and magical horsemanship. During the evening performances at Equine Affair, Julie took the lead as the only rider on a horse she had never been on before. Exceptional!

Don’t you think? I love both these women. They are an example for all of us in the horse world. Their continual accomplishments are an inspiration for both my personal and horsey life, and they inspire me to further my business and continually  develop the amazing Cavallo Hoof Boots.

The Excitement of Equine Affaire

Greg Giles and Carole Herder

Equine Affaire – What a Show! What horse lover wouldn’t want to go to Equine Affaire, North America’s Premiere Equine Exposition & Equestrian Gathering?  It’s all thing equine. It’s loads of fun and lots of energy in the market place…

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Horse Show Time!

Chilliwack Heritage Park

I am happy to announce that I will be speaking at The Mane Event this weekend in Chilliwack, British Columbia. I’ll be giving three different presentations, one on each day of the event: How to Effectively Manage your Barefoot Horse…

Posted on : 2017-10-19

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Shining Stars from the Desk

Carole and Greg at SPOGA

Cavallo Abroad Cologne, Germany is offering an interesting muddle of humanity as Mardi Gras preludes Oktoberfest. The world’s party animals are on parade through the cobblestoned labyrinth of corridors they call streets. Flamboyant plumes of every color billow above mobs…

Posted on : 2017-09-11

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Cavallo World Wide

Carole Herder and Greg Giles in Europe

We’re off to SPOGA! It’s that time of year again, and Greg and I are off to the largest International equine industry trade show in the world – SPOGA!  We get to catch up with our wonderful World-Wide Distributors. These…

Posted on : 2017-08-24

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American Horse Council Survey

American Horse Council Horse Photo

Now more than ever, it’s important to have data that ensures we understand our diversity and the pressure on the horse world, so that it can appropriately be sustained. Please consider completing this survey so that the information can be…

Posted on : 2017-08-11

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Cavallo Gives

Vancouver Mounted Police in Cavallo Hoof Boots

Happy Horses:  Our Passion Cavallo Horse & Rider is a company with a passion – to see every horse happy, healthy, and free from disease and discomfort.  That’s why we choose employees who hold animals in the highest regard. We’re committed…

Posted on : 2017-08-02

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