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Cavallo Now Offers Natural Solutions’ “Natural Stride” Joint Supplements

As the President of Cavallo Horse & Rider, I am frequently approached by companies asking that we promote their products. I had never considered it because I couldn’t be 100% certain another company would stand behind their product with the same conviction and standards that we do.

Well… Never say never!

At trade shows I often find myself working beside an entertaining Swiss man. Ron is friendly, has a great accent and that dry sense of humour that makes you really pay attention. He is a perfect companion at a trade show to help the time pass between customer chats. He has a joint and arthritis supplement which I successfully managed to ignore for several years as just “another product”. But the “thank you’s“, wonderful exchanges with horse owners and Ron’s wholehearted belief in what he was saying was hard to resist. There were times people actually lined up to express their appreciation to him for alleviating their pet’s pain and discomfort.

It was time to pay attention.

I have animals I love in my life and I want them to be flexible and comfortable as they age. And I have friends whose horses and dogs were already showing signs of discomfort and pain, so we tried Ron’s product: Natural Stride. The results were irresistibly positive! It was so obvious. Comfort. Mobility. Freedom from pain.  We love this product. We formed a partnership with Ron, so that you – the Cavallo Community -  can access it too. I am so proud to announce that we now offer Natural Stride through our website!  

Click here to see Natural Stride. And check out the GREAT SALE we’re having until July 2nd.

Oh, and this just came in yesterday:

Juanita MartinMy husband and I have three rescued Mustangs; his is now 24 years old.  Ranger was nine years old when we adopted him – pretty set in his wild ways – and was a wonderful mover.  Just last year, I noticed him moving very stiffly and not wanting to move faster than a walk.  We turn them out to pasture for five months every winter.  This spring when we brought them in, Ranger wasn’t moving well.  I decided to give Natural Stride a try because I liked the philosophy behind it:  get rid of the inflammation, then treat the joint.  My husband was very skeptical.  In only 10 days we saw a marked difference in his movement.  When we saddled our horses up to ride with some friends, whom we told to leave us behind if they wanted to go quicker.  To our surprise, when they started getting ahead of us, Ranger broke into a trot to keep up, on his own.  Soon he was showing up the others and looking quite proud of himself.  Since then he has proven himself quite capable many times over.  When I call him to dinner he now trots across the corral to meet me instead of struggling up the slope. I am getting constant ‘thank-you’s’ from my husband every time he takes his horse out.  So I am very pleased with the results and want to say a big “Thank you” to you also.

Juanita Martin Allenspark Lodge, B&B, Colorado

horse hoof boots



Join Carole Herder and Monty Roberts in a LIVE Webinar!

I have a Special Invitation for you!

Horse hoof boots

My good friend Monty Roberts and I would love you to join us for our upcoming  FREE WEBINAR . 

Mark your calendar for July 2nd at 6pm PST to be part of the action!

If you’re passionate about your horse’s barefoot lifestyle or are wanting to learn more about going barefoot, this is a valuable opportunity to soak up some knowledge and ask Monty the questions you’ve been wanting to know the answers to.

Hear world renowned Monty tell you about:

- 5 reasons for Barefoot.

-3 Key Observations of Horse Hoofs from 29 Different Countries.


All told as only Monty Roberts can with his years of exceptional horse experience!

horse hoof bootsSeats are limited.  To secure your place in the webinar, please click here:


horse hoof boots


Cavallos Have Sole… Either Sole for Any Style!

Your Cavallos…Your Way

Introducing the NEW Simple Slim & Sport Regular Hoofs Boots, giving you total freedom to choose the boot you LOVE!

You asked and we delivered…  ALL Cavallo Boot Styles and Sizes are now available in Regular AND Slim Soles!  In addition to the ALL NEW TREK HOOF BOOTS – your horse can now enjoy the function and simplicity of the Sport and Simple Boots, no matter the shape of their hoof.

Horse hoof boots

SLIM SOLE – Accommodates a hoof that is at least 1/4″ narrower than long

  • Built-in breakover
  • Unique tread pattern supports frog
  • Innovative sole design provides natural heel (skid) brake

REGULAR SOLE – Suitable for a hoof that is width and length equalhorse hoof boots

    • Aggressive “hiking boot” traction
    • All terrain
    • Built-in drainage


SPORT BOOT horse hoof boots

Sleek, lightweight and stylish, with all the performance you would expect from Cavallo. Sport boots are now available in a Regular Sole, as well as the original Slim sole! 1000 Denier nylon upper is tough and durable. Leather inside and out conforms comfortably to your horse’s bulbs


horse hoof boots

SIMPLE Boot the all-terrain Multi-Purpose Hoof Boot is now also available on a slim sole as well as the regular round shape. Genuine All leather upper for strength, comfort and durability.Soft leather foam-filled collar. Simple front strap fastening with extra sliding keepers.



Cavallo provides ultimate protection for the barefoot horse.  All Cavallo Hoof Boots styles are excellent for comfort, as well as for relief from chronic pain or hoof sensitivity; rehabilitation from injuries, abscesses, navicular disease, laminitis / founder, punctures, sole bruising and contracted heels.  They’re also great for protection during trailering and breeding, or taken along on the trail as a spare tire for lost shoes.

All Cavallo Boots are simple to put on and take off – and being shaped for the natural hoof, stay securely in place.  The molded-in back flap protects the bulb and provides abrasion resistance.  Durably constructed Cavallo boots have built-in drainage, are made with waterproof thread, rustproof metal, and a high-performance TPU outsole.  These lightweight boots absorb shock so your horse’s legs don’t have to!  You’ll love Cavallos for their ability to promote healthy hooves by allowing the expansion and contraction necessary to increase blood circulation.

Want  to know more about Cavallo Hoof Boots?  Check out this great video and arm yourself with Barefoot Knowledge!

horse hoof boots

Cavallo Rocks the Airwaves!

Hoof Boots on the Air!

carole cropped On May 19th I had the pleasure of being a guest on Horse Radio Network’s Horses in the Morning.  Hosts Glenn the Geek and Christy Landwhehr asked me to explain the function of the hoof, and why keeping your horse Barefoot and Booted (rather than in metal shoes) is so integral to their comfort and well-being.

Many thanks to Glenn, Christy, and Coach Jenn for their dedication to keeping their community connected to issues that affect the comfort, health and safety of our equine friends.

Thank you for taking the time to listen to the show, I hope you enjoy it!

Cavallo Rocks Horses in the Morning: horse hoof bootsPlease Click Here to listen to my interview on Horse Radio Network’s Horses in the Morning!


The Certified Horsemanship Association “Horses in the Morning ” show airs on the Horse Radio Network.  It’s hosted by Glenn the Geek,  Christy Landwehr & Jamie Jennings  and produced by Coach Jenn.

An Invitation From Dr. Tomas Teskey!

I’d like to share some exciting news from our good friend Dr. Tomas Teskey!  You may remember him from our wildly successful webinar “Why Horses Can’t Go Barefoot that attracted more than 1600 participants!  Your feedback was wonderful and we received so many great comments, now YOU have the opportunity to see Dr. Teskey in action, in person!

Larry & Jennie Housley Are Pleased to Present:

Dr. Tomas Teskey, D.V.M. Superior Soundness of the Equine June 13 – 15, 2015 Saturday, Sunday, Monday 9 A.M to 5 P. M. At Horseman Haven Ranch 5940 E Sublette Rd., Lava Hot Springs, ID 83246 $200/Person for all 3 days or $100/Day

To Reserve Please Leave a Message @ 208 252 7051, Text 520-253-0732,  Or Email

Topics Include:

-  Dissection/Discussion of a cadaver  leg & hoof from the outside-in -  Philosophy -  Anatomy/Physiology

-  Nutrition and Physical Health of the horse

-  Supplements

-  Trimming of horses hooves

-  Pros and cons of shoeing

-  Normal and Diseased hooves

-  Self-trimming hooves/feral hooves as sources of information

-  Physiologic & Rehabilitative trimming

-  Boots, terrain with regard to movement/exercise

-  Navicular/heel issues, laminitic issues

-  Teeth floating addressing incisors before the back teeth

-  Worming and Inoculations

-  Tracks used in smaller horse facilities to promote movement

-  Connection between hooves, teeth, body

-  Addressing the infinite issues important to Horse Health: Movement, Herd, Forage

Dr. Teskey has lectured worldwide and is a leading veterinary authority on the equine, equine hoof and barefoot performance horses. This seminar with Dr. Tomas Teskey on Natural Horse and Hoof care is a rare opportunity for all horse owners, from novice to professional.

Learn why horsemen & women are changing their way of thinking about horse and hoof health, and shifting the paradigm and recognizing what’s healthy or diseased.

A clinic of this nature will help any horse owner to take better care of their horses physical, mental, & emotional  health, from the ground up!

Tomas Teskey (Photo credit:

Hope to see you on the 13th of June! -The Housley’s with Dr. Tomas Teskey

To watch the webinar Why Horses Can’t Go Barefoot, Click HERE.

To Follow Tomas on Facebook, Click HERE.

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