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Extreme Weather Patterns and the Hoof

2018-07-24 Soaking Boot Blog Post Horses (2)

Watch the Video Here! Your horse’s hoofs consist of living tissue. Just as with our own hair, nails and other cellular structures, nourishment is important. Cellular strength, wholeness and integrity are affected by environmental factors. Extreme weather patterns can indeed…

Posted on : 2018-07-24

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Welcome, Baby Raven!

Baby Foal named Raven sleeping in her stall

A Foal is Born… Just down the street from Cavallo in beautiful Roberts Creek, British Columbia, Raven, a darling, little foal, has been born to a lovely mare named Velvet!  You may know Velvet as one of our Cavallo Hoof Boot…

Posted on : 2018-07-17

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A Rendezvous to Remember with the Back Country Horsemen of BC!

2018 BCHBC Rendezvous - photo by Arlene Ladd (view of N Thompson River)

Sometimes you get a great group of people together and something special happens. Get a great group of people together who also love horses? Well, something truly MAGICAL happens! At the end of May we sent Jenny to the Back…

Posted on : 2018-06-20

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It’s Getting CLOSER!

Cavallo Mystery Product - upcoming!

There is something on the horizon, here at Cavallo, that we’re getting pretty excited about!  It’s LEAN, it’s GREEN, and it’s a TRAIL MACHINE!!! Green is the colour of Spring and new beginnings…fresh, bright and full of light! We know…

Posted on : 2018-06-14

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Take Your Pick!


So, you know you want Hoof Boots, and you heard that Cavallos ARE THE BEST and it’s true! But which style is right for you? Which Cavallos are YOUR Cavallos?  Here’s the Lowdown. Every style has the same tough and…

Posted on : 2018-05-11

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What Has 160 Barefoot Hooves and Says NO to Bits?

Houston Mounted Patrol

The Houston Mounted Police Patrol Unit is making international headlines these days and being recognized as a front-runner in the natural horse movement.  The Unit went barefoot years ago and has recently made the decision to go bitless as well!…

Posted on : 2018-04-27

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We’re Famous!

Roberts Creek Beach

Cavallo Horse & Rider is located on the spectacular Sunshine Coast in BC, Canada.  It’s a small town (that’s quickly becoming a large one!). Our offices are here, in amongst the trees and pastures.  We – and our animals, feel…

Posted on : 2018-03-08

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