• Barefoot in the Pasture

    Protected on the trail

    Cavallo Hoof Boots give your equine best friend the natural protection they need, only when they need it. Nature gave your horse a perfect design. Cavallo gives your horse freedom.

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  • There are No
    Horseshoes in Heaven

    by Cavallo President, Carole Herder

    "A Beautifully written true story of a kindred spirit's journey through life discovering ways to leave the world a better place for horses and for people, too." ~ Monty Roberts


  • Introducing
    the All New Trek!

    We took the most popular hoof boots in the world … and made them even better! Get a FREE utility knife with your Trek Hoof Boots purchase! Buy Now!

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  • “Cavallo pads are the best pads in the world today.”

    -Monty Roberts
    the original "Man Who Listens To Horses"

    Cavallo saddle pads are engineered to give both horse and rider a more pleasant ride using the memory foam technology you already know and love!

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  • Why Barefoot?

    Your horse's hooves are a marvel of engineering. Why mess with perfection? Discover why barefoot is best for your horse's long-term health.

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Technology has come a long way since metal horseshoes were invented about 1,000 years ago. Cavallo Hoof Boots are made with state-of-the-art, shock-absorbing materials in physiologically advanced designs – to provide comfort,
stability and safety for both you and your horse.

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Carole Herder

Cavallo President

Why Barefoot?

(The Philosophy)

Truly a marvel of engineering, your horse's hooves are natural shock absorbers, created to expand upon impact to absorb stress. Unlike metal horseshoes, hoof boots allow the hoof to expand the way nature intended, improving circulation in the hoof and reducing strain on the supporting muscles and ligaments. Best of all, hoof boots are intended to be removed after a ride, allowing your horse to relax just the way you do after a hard day on your feet … barefoot.

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  • I am thrilled with my Simple Boots! As a recreational rider I can now ride the trails freely and comfortably over any terrain. Thanks for a great product.

    Satu Tannien, Finland
  • I am impressed with the Cavallo Western All-Purpose Therapeutic Saddle Pad, as it seems to fit many different types of horse’s backs. It doesn’t leave any dry spots, and seems to fit overall. When you put a show blanket over top, the saddle stays firmly on the horse’s back, without slipping, plus the pads are easy-care. Wherever I go, trainers and clients alike admire the pad, and enquire about it.

    Bob Grimshaw, National Reining Horse Association Competitor and Trainer
  • "I have used the simple boots on all three of my horses for the last 4 years. I run my horses barefoot, but when we go up into the tetons, I always boot them. There isn't anything we haven't experienced in our gorgeous mountains. We have been through deep rivers, sucky mid, slick ice and snow, smooth granite slabs, rocky trails and greasy, muddy slopes. We have never had a boot come off or had one wear sores on my horses feet. Out terrain is rough but incredibly breath taking. I'm 64 and depend on my horses to get me to and from these incredible mountains safely. Thanks Cavallo, for a boot that even a more seasoned (old) lady can get on and off with ease."

    Lois, Washington State, USA
  • I love my Simple boots. I used them on a seven hour ride without any wraps going through some of the nastiest mud I have ever been through in my life. Plus, we love playing in the Chesapeake Bay in our Simple boots. Seeing is believing! Thanks for a great product!

    Roberta Young, Virginia, USA
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