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Horse Hoof Boots

Horse Hoof Boots, Saddle Pads & Horse Equipment

Welcome to Cavallo!  Home to the most popular hoof boots in the world.  Here you will find the most economical alternative to metal horse shoes, technologically advanced horse saddle pads, and valuable information for equine health.


Horse Hoof Boots & Accessories

Cavallo horse boots are easy to size, easy to fit and easy to care for. Shaped to fit the natural horse hoof and promote healthy hooves while allowing for expansion and contraction of the hoof.  You will find that our Simple Hoof Boots and Sport Hoof Boots are the best horse boots on the market and great for mountain horse riding.

horse boots hoof boots hoof boot Gel Pads hoof boot Pastern Wraps hoof boot Studs

Simple Hoof Boots


Sport Hoof Boots Hoof Boot Gel Pads Horse Boot Pastern Wraps Horse Boot Studs
Horse Saddle Pads

Cavallo Total Comfort System Saddle Pads are a trusted and familiar name in barns worldwide. TCS pads have a unique memory foam design which improves saddle fit, helps move the weight off the spine and allows the scapula to move freely. Monty Roberts says "Watch your horse's scapula smile!"

Western Saddle Pads English Saddle Pads Tucker Saddle Pads
Western Saddle Pads English Saddle Pads Tucker Saddle Pads
Other Horse Equipment

The Cavallo Simple Ride Mask is easily attached to all bridles for riding. This patented horse mask comes with or without ears and protects your horse's eyes against flies, insects, dust, debris, and sun.

The patented waffle weave of Cavallo XP Series Leg Protectors, protects your horse's legs from impact while providing support and shock absorption. Cavallo's 100% natural merino wool Horse Cinch belts offer comfort and security with an inner layer of cushioning nitrex.

horse Fly Masks

horse Cinches

Horse Hoof Boots

horse Halters  
Horse Fly Masks Cinches Horse Hoofcare Products Halters
Hoofjack Hoof Stand    
Chairs Woman's Footwear and Accessories Hoofjack Hoof Stand  
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