Cavallo Gives

Vancouver Mounted Police in Cavallo Hoof Boots

Happy Horses:  Our Passion Cavallo Horse & Rider is a company with a passion – to see every horse happy, healthy, and free from disease and discomfort.  That’s why we choose employees who hold animals in the highest regard. We’re committed…

Posted on : 2017-08-02

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My Horse’s Life Saver

Image of Horse in Cavallo Simple Boots

“Hello! I just wanted to say thank you for such an amazing product I didn’t even know I needed. I bought my barefoot horse a pair of the Simple Boots 2 years ago to protect his hooves when we rode.…

Posted on : 2017-05-15

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Hope For Pippa


This one really touches my heart because it is not only about the little mini horse, but it’s about the service these kids are passionate to provide and the people who will be helped along the way. Hope Reins rescues…

Posted on : 2017-04-27

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Ashley McCleary and Jasper

Thank you to Ashley and Jasper for sharing their story! “My Jasper was 6 years old when I got him and he came with a lot of baggage he had a really rough life to start.. he and I have…

Posted on : 2016-08-08

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shari lariviere, ontario


First of all i’d like to say that both my horse and I LOVE his Cavallo Boots. It makes for riding the forest over the stoney/rocky/gravelly terrain MUCH nicer for my horse. They are great boots, easy to put on,…

Posted on : 2016-05-03

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shari …. Ontario


My quarter horse and I BOTH love the Cavallo Boots. I wear them on my big boy when we’re riding in the forest as the footing is a mixture of small rocks, stones, sticks, etc. No ouchiness in Nougat’s front…

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