Your Cavallo News! November, 2021

Celebrating Cavallo Horse Hoof Boots Community

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Have you ever recommended Cavallo Hoof Boots? Go to our Facebook post and tell us about why you did in the comments – you will automatically be entered in our draw to win a FREE pair of Cavallo Hoof Boots – your choice of style and size! 🎁
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Helping Horses in Terrifying Times

Cavallo Horse & Rider helps forest fire horses

This year’s forest fires tore through land, homes, barns and displaced families–and their horses. 

At the start of October 2021, 46,500 wildfires had burned 5.9 million acres in the United States. Another 10.33 million acres burned in Canada, Wikipedia reports. We couldn’t just stand by and watch the news reports. We decided to help these forest fire horses by donating Cavallo Boots, Wraps and Pads to some key rescue coordinators to manage…             

                        READ MORE HERE

Mules Rocking their Cavallos!

Jake the mule in Cavallo Hoof Boots

Here’s one for the long-eared crowd! 

Have you noticed mules rocking Cavallo Boots? We love that our Slim Sole option works so well for some mules to keep them comfortable and protected, whether packing, on trails or during turnout or in hoof rehab situations. 

Here’s a great question I received from a conscientious mule owner…                                                                                         READ HERE!

Cavallo Influencer Spotlight!

Caitlin Gooch - Saddle Up & Read Literacy Program
Saddle Up And Read encourages youth to achieve literary excellence through equine activities! What better way to learn, than alongside a horse? ❤
Caitlin Gooch is the founder of this project, and we’re proud that she is a Cavallo Hoof Boot lover and has also become one of our influencers on Instagram! This girl’s heart is in the right place and we’re so happy to have her on board. 
Saddle Up And Read is a 501c3 nonprofit organization based in Wendell, NC. 

What YOU'RE Saying

Thin soled horse tackles gravel with Cavallo Hoof Boots

Booting the Back Hoofs Reaps BIG Rewards for Thin-Soled Horse!

“Amazing transformation AGAIN! Last year I purchased the Simple Boot Regular Sole boots for my horse Reggie to use on his front hooves. Those were a major game-changer and gave me my partner back when I ride.
This year, I decided to get a pair of Simple Boots in the Slim Sole for his back hooves, as Reggie seemed to be “off” in the hind. He is 22 this year and shows no signs of arthritis or age, but he does have thin soles. I have had him on a great hoof supplement and regular barefoot trims with a great farrier – he is in great shape.
My farrier has commended the program he’s on, but I have noticed he has started to not come up under himself like he used to.
I finally got to go and work with Reggie today. WOW – JUST WOW! Reggie was moving as he used to as a young horse again! He was coming under from behind and extending in the front. He is an AQHA, so he is normally low-legged, however, he was moving out like a totally different horse! I knew the front boots made a 
difference, but this – THIS was AMAZING! After I lunged him on the soft ground I decided to see how he would handle the gravel. Reggie didn’t miss a beat or misstep once!I rode him around bareback and only in the halter for a while with happy tears because I was so happy he was so comfortable moving out. Riding him last year at a big popular trail ride was amazing with the difference the front boots made…

This is even more AMAZING! Thank you to everyone at Cavallo for developing these amazing boots.”

– Yvonne Morris, Arizona

Wishing you many happy trails this November,
– Carole
Carole Herder Signature - Cavallo Hoof Boots

Cavallo - The World's Most Trusted Hoof Boot:

Facebook contest details: Winner will be chosen at random on Monday, November 15, 2021 and will receive one free pair of Cavallo Hoof Boots (any style/colour) plus free shipping. Prize holds no cash value ~ Cannot be combined with any other discount ~ Valid Canada & USA only ~ Winner will be announced on Facebook and in our next Cavallo E-Newsletter

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