Monty Robert’s Amazing Test

Hooves Gone Wild! Here’s a special story I love about an incredible challenge my friend, Monty Roberts took on. All his life, Monty has marveled at the wild horses of the…

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Cavallo Gives
Vancouver Mounted Police in the surf with Cavallo BFBs on! Photo Credit: Global News

Cavallo Gives

Happy Horses:  Our Passion Cavallo Horse & Rider is a company with a passion - to see every horse happy, healthy, and free from disease and discomfort.  That's why we…

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Cavallos in Quicksand? Yup!
Uno, still wearing the quicksand he and his Cavllos escaped from!

Cavallos in Quicksand? Yup!

Cavallo Hoof Boots Stay Put! "Last summer I was riding with a friend on an asphalt trail. I had front Cavallo Hoof Boots on so my horse didn't chip his…

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The Truth about Carriage Horses

Have you ever seen those Carriage Horses at Central Park in New York City? People may think they are happy and well behaved because they stand there so nicely and do what they are told. As usual, what I see is something a little different.

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Cavallo advice on Managing the Mud Headache

It’s summer time and some of us are struggling with the conditions on our properties. If your area is very wet it can negatively affect your horse’s feet. Does mud on your farm seem to be a never-ending struggle? Mud can pull shoes off, negatively impact your horses’ hoof health, and can even make walking in your pastures a challenge. Try out these mud management tips around your farm to reduce and minimize mud.

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Team Canada heads to World Cup with Cavallo

American Quarter Horse Association World Cup Cavallo is proud to be an in-kind sponsor of Team Canada as they head to the 20th American Quarter Horse Association International Youth World Cup…

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