Protecting Your Horse is Nature’s Job

It’s been a long winter. We’ve done our best to keep our horses comfortable and cozy. In the Pacific Northwest, it’s been a wild one; pounding blustery rain storms, howling…

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Not a Farrier

Not a Farrier Never in a million years did I think I would be trekking around the world; speaking and educating on the health and welfare of horses. I am…

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Horses in Winter Conditions

Horses in Winter Conditions have certain things they must deal with. I am not talking about winter in Florida, or even Northern California. I am talking about real winter. Winter…

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Cavallo advice on Managing the Mud Headache

It’s summer time and some of us are struggling with the conditions on our properties. If your area is very wet it can negatively affect your horse’s feet. Does mud on your farm seem to be a never-ending struggle? Mud can pull shoes off, negatively impact your horses’ hoof health, and can even make walking in your pastures a challenge. Try out these mud management tips around your farm to reduce and minimize mud.

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UPDATE on Team Canada at Youth World Cup

Happy Canada Day! As Canadians celebrate their nation's birthday, we'd like to also celebrate Team Canada as they compete at the 20th American Quarter Horse Association Youth World Cup in…

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The Perfect Hoof

Pathology is the medical term for the study of the way a disease works. Hoof pathologies are when something has gone wrong with the equine foot, like laminitis, thrush, abscesses,…

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All Things Barefoot

“Sometimes you have to get through your fear in order to see the beauty on the other side”. I blogged recently about ‘nothing ventured, nothing gained’ and about how we…

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