Cavallo Awards Pony Club Members

Big news!  We've got a fun, new perk for high-achieving United States Pony Club (USPC) certification members! You may already know that we enjoy an Affiliate Partnership between Cavallo and…

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Hoof Abscesses – Here’s your Battle Plan

By Carole Herder Your horse's hoof consists of alive and organic substances, which means the cellular structure that makes up the hoof tissue can continually rejuvenate and regenerate. Nothing about…

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What YOU’RE Saying!

Here's what YOU'RE saying! Happy horses all around...just the way we like it! A Review to Reckon With - Horse Trail Chicks Tell it Like it is! Greg was approached…

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Welcome, Baby Raven!

A Foal is Born... Just down the street from Cavallo in beautiful Roberts Creek, British Columbia, Raven, a darling, little foal, has been born to a lovely mare named Velvet!  You…

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Take Your Pick!

So, you know you want Hoof Boots, and you heard that Cavallos ARE THE BEST and it’s true! But which style is right for you? Which Cavallos are YOUR Cavallos? …

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Coming from the Heart

I recently received an email that REALLY caught my attention.  As a woman AND as a maker of Cavallo Hoof Boots!  I wanted to share this with you, as many…

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