What YOU’RE Saying about Cavallo!

BLESSINGS TO THIS FARRIER!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 "Gunner is a 10 year old Quarter horse, and he's the sweetest-natured animal I've ever had. Unfortunately, he had a previous…

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What’s your Cavallo Community up to?

What's your Cavallo Community up to?  Cavallo Hoof Boots in a University study, Monty Roberts on the future of horse racing, free equestrian magazines, the American Mini Horse Association, Emma…

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Adventure or Obedience?

Do you Follow? Which do you choose?  Adventure or obedience?  Psychologist Solomon Asch called his experiment a 'vision test.' Of the eight men in the room at Pennsylvania's Swarthmore College,…

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Changing History One Ride at a Time

Did you ever think that every major car company would be producing an electric car? Remember when it seemed like an impossibility? Electric Cars? Are YOU kidding? Then along came…

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Warnings From Your Horse

I started Cavallo in 1993 with one burning question on my mind, “how can I make this a better industry for our horses and the people who ride them?” It’s…

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Emma’s Horseboarding Trip!
Emma Massingale Horseboarding

Emma’s Horseboarding Trip!

Emma's Horseboarding Trip Emma Massingale is amazing us once again.  She will be traveling along the Hebridean Way in the UK, a 185 mile long route off the West Coast of…

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