Monty Roberts and Cavallo:

Cavallo and Monty Roberts have been working together for over a year now to “do good things for horses”. Monty has been quoted as saying “Cavallo Saddle Pads are the best in the world today”.

Monty Roberts, known as the “Man Who Listens to Horses” has led an extraordinary life. An award-winning trainer of championship horses, best-selling author, Hollywood stunt man, foster dad to 47 children (in addition to three of his own) and creator of the world-renowned and revolutionary equine training technique called Join~Up, Monty Roberts could now, in his later years, be resting on his laurels — but that’s not his style.

Roberts has won countless awards and received immense worldwide press coverage, put three books on the New York Times best-seller list, trained some of Queen Elizabeth II’s equestrian team in London and been awarded an honorary doctorate from the University of Zurich. But if you go looking for Monty Roberts, you won’t find him lounging in his favorite chair high up in the hills overlooking his horse-training farm in the beautiful Santa Ynez Valley.

The “man who listens to horses” is more likely to be found somewhere on the globe continuing to spread his message of nonviolence. You’re more likely to find him speaking to incarcerated youth in a juvenile detention facility, gentling his 15,000th horse at a demonstration, teaching his techniques to the growing number of students at his Equestrian Academy in Solvang, California or advising executives at Fortune 500 companies.

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Monty at Kraemer

Monty at Kraemer

March 25, 2009 – Ask Monty Question

Dear Mr. Roberts,
I have a Billy Cook saddle 16″. I use a Justin Equine 3 in 1 saddle pad. I ride my horse on the road a lot. I usually ride on trail rides. The problem is that his back hurts, like around the kidneys area. The vet said that it is because he is a little bit swayed back, and the back of the saddle is putting pressure there. Some people told me to just give him bute (aspirin) before I ride him. He is 16 & a half hands tall and weighs 1250lbs. Right now he is not in top condition. My question is, should I give him bute and keep riding him until he gets stronger, or is there something else I can do? I love him and when he settles down he is a really good horse.

MONTY’S ANSWER: It’s not OK to use an ill-fitting saddle and it’s not OK to use bute to mask the pain. What you suggest is something like the woman who wishes to wear a beautiful but painful pair of shoes that will affect the whole body in a negative way. It is poor advice to tell you to just pop a pill and wear them anyway. Perhaps the shoes could be made comfortable with orthotics. But perhaps she should get rid of the shoes.
I am currently working with a company called Cavallo. They have designed, through my recommendation, a saddle pad that utilizes memory foam. I would suggest that you contact them and ask for the double thick model as suggested by Monty Roberts. This has been a very good tool for me and I think you will find it effective particularly with a 16 inch saddle. This is the size I ride and I know this pad does a good job under it.