Liberated Horsemanship

Liberated Horsemanship is a growing group of selected experts dedicated to helping people and horses by providing multi-disciplinary, science-based information about the care and use of horses through a variety of mechanisms and services. Our principal mission is to help people maximize the health and welfare of their horses without sacrificing fun and enjoyment.

Three initiatives stand side-by-side under the LH Banner. They include The Natural Hoof Care Initiative, The Management Initiative, and The Riding and Training Initiative. These facets of horse care and use form an integrated trilogy, all of which, must be addressed to effectively support optimal horse health and welfare.

LH was founded in 2003 by Dr. Bruce Nock, a tenured member of multiple departments in Washington University’s School of Medicine. Dr. Nock has published more than 65 articles of original research in leading scientific journals. He is also an avid rider and writer. Dr. Nock is the author of the acclaimed book Ten Golden Rules of Horse Training, the newly released book Ride For Tomorrow: Dressage Today and the highly regarded series of articles entitled The Biology of Natural Horsemanship.

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