Best of America By Horseback

Cavallo is proud to be the official hoof boot and saddle pad sponsor of the Best of America by Horseback ride from Mexico to Canada.

Tom Seay

The entire crew at Best of America by Horseback have been working for sometime to recreate Tom’s Transcontinental Horseback trail ride adventure of 1995. This ride will be from Mexico to Canada and is designed so that you too can ride with him, although for safety and logistical reasons numbers will be restricted and limited to Best of America by Horseback Trail Club Members.

We have further designed the ride so that a “core” group of riders may do the entire trip, while the “Adventure riders” may wish to ride for just a week, a month, or perhaps even longer, whichever suits your personal schedule.

Tom is pleased that the scenery on this ride will be more spectacular than he imagined. The route also is near many historic trails and towns than originally expected. Another unexpected, yet very pleasant observation by Tom is the amount of interest and the special requests for participation by ranchers, sheriff’s posses and the members of the Back Country Horsemen.

To see the route they will be following please visit this link – Mexico to Canada Daily Route

Watch the Best of America by Horseback television show weekly on RFD-TV. Host, Tom Seay takes viewers to a trail riding destination each week. From the Outer Banks of North Carolina to the Alaskan wilderness, this series showcases the beauty of America, by horseback. Please visit their site for more information.

UPDATE! – May 9, 2009


Best of America by Horseback’s Mexico to Canada Trail Ride, with riders from 24 states, arrived in San Antonio, New Mexico, after crossing the White Sands Desert on the famous Jornado del Muerto, “Journey of Death” trail.


Seay was quoted as saying, “I can’t begin to say how extremely proud I am of each rider, without exception. Trail Masters, Hayward Simmons of Allendale, South Carolina, Del Shields of Humboldt, Kansas and Bob Vance of Columbus, Ohio have shown extraordinary horsemanship and leadership often under very extreme conditions.” Trail Master Del Shields said, “Despite the hardships of riding in extreme conditions, there was an overwhelming sense of awe experiencing the majesty of the mountains, riding through ever changing desert scenery of cactus fields, vistas of vast oceans of white sands, to the harshness of the volcanic malpis. The riders slept under the stars each night through that section of desert. Exhausting days ended with colorful sunsets, cool night breezes under a canopy of stars, falling asleep to the cooing of nesting quails and yipping coyotes in the distance.”

“These people are my heroes,” said Pat Seay. “They get on their horses everyday, with a determination and fortitude to accomplish a dream, no matter what the conditions. Many people just talk about doing something ‘someday’, these people are out here doing it. I hope our coverage of their experiences will inspire others.”

To date, they have ridden 237.5 miles, every step of the way, beginning at the US/Mexico border at Santa Teresa, New Mexico riding to San Antonio, New Mexico with a total “rider accumulated” miles of 6,388.7, as tracked by satellite.

Tom Seay also said, “Although it wasn’t planned, these riders have become an avenue of information for testing products for the equine world. They have used products in the most extreme conditions and can verify what is really essential and what really works. When this ride is complete, these riders will be the authorities on equine product and services.”