BC Competitive Trail Horse Association

Good Horsemanship and Competitive Riding now includes Hoof Boots!

At their fall AGM, the BC Competitive Trail Riders Association changed the rules!!


Cavallo is excited to report the change to ‘section 3 shoeing & tack’ which has been revised to reflect, horse shoeing is at the rider’s discretion and hoof boots can be worn throughout the ride.
“The decision of BCCTRA to amend their rules to allow hoof boots in competition demonstrates leadership in long distance riding organizations” says Carole Herder – President of Cavallo. “Our hoof boots are a suitable substitute for riders whether they are a primary choice for competition, or a back-up option should a horse pull a shoe”.

The B.C. Competitive Trail Riders Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and improving the rapidly growing sport of Competitive Trail Riding in B.C. It is patterned after NATRC (North American Trail Riding Conference) and operates in conjunction with CaLDRA (Canadian Long Distance Riding Association).

“Cavallo is proud to sponsor the BCCTRA and we congratulate & support them in their efforts to ‘lead the way with the use of hoof boots’ in barefoot competitive trail riding!” concludes Ms. Herder.

For more information please visit their website www.bcctra.ca.