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Questions Answered About the Simple Boot

How long do Simple Boots last?

There are a variety of conditions that affect the life of your Cavallo Boots such as terrain, speed, gaits, frequency of use, frequency of trimming. In average conditions with adequate care, the life span of your Cavallo Hoof Boots last from 1 - 2 years, however we have many happy trail riders who have had our boots for much longer.

Can my horse wear Cavallo Hoof boots on both front and rear hoofs?

Cavallo boots can be used on either the front or hind hoofs. Most riders find that they only need the boots on the front to keep their horse comfortable on all terrain but if you find that your horse would benefit from wearing them on the hind that is fine to do as well. The front legs load 70% of the weight of the horse and most of the conditions such as navicular, laminitis, calcifications, abscessing, bruising etc., occur on the fronts. The hind legs are more for propulsion. You can certainly start with boots on the front only and then just monitor the situation as you go along. It really depends on a variety of issues such as how well the hoofs are conditioned to the terrain you are riding on, the internal health of the hoof and any pre-existing conditions in the foot. If you find your horse is tender on the hinds please measure them separately from the front as they may be a size smaller and are often narrower.

How long can SIMPLE Boots be worn at one time?

As your own leather riding boots, Cavallo boots become more comfortable with use over time. Riders should allow their horses to ‘break-in’ their boots gradually, starting with 15 – 20 minutes and increasing from there, while monitoring the comfort of the hoofs. Wearing your Cavallos in water or using a leather conditioner to “work” the leather will hasten the softening progress. Some horses begin wearing boots as a result of an injury or condition whereby they cannot wear metal shoes. Cavallo hoof protection can be worn for extended periods of time, using Pastern Wraps to help prevent any chaffing. Remove the boots daily to check the hooves to be sure no unnecessary problems are developing. If you notice excessive wear, remove the boots immediately.


  • To reduce the risks of bacterial build up mix a solution of 50% Apple Cider Vinegar to water and spray into the boot and on the hoof sole regularly.
  • If leaving horses unattended with Simple Boots on you may wish to cover the straps with duct tape or anything that will keep the horse from playing with the straps and possibly destroying your boots. Failure to take precautions may void the warranty.

Should I buy Simple or Sport Boots for my Horse?

Simple boot is the ‘hiking boot’ and Sport is the lighter ‘action’ boot. Sport is designed for the narrower hoof, with a built-in breakover and heel “skid” break. It has less traction than Simple, is slightly lighter weight and has reflective piping for night safety. Because of its narrower shape it is also great for hind hoofs. Both boots have Cavallo’s signature front opening system, built-in drainage, softee leather foam filled collar and back flap bulb protection. If your horse’s hoof is long and narrow go for Sport and if it is round, equal length and width – go for Simple

Can I use SIMPLE Boots on top of metal shoes?

Many people do indeed use Cavallo Boots in combination with metal shoes. The Cavallo Boot TPU (thermo plastic urethane) sole can assist in absorbing the shock and resulting vibration up the horse’s structure and prevent bruising while transporting your horse or working on hard surfaces. Cavallo cannot guarantee that the boots will hold up over prolonged use, to the force of metal, protruding nails or sharp edges and thus the warranty is void with this useage. Extending the life of your Boots can be accomplished by using an insole of thick leather or foam padding which will decrease the direct wear on the sole of the boot. You can replace the pads when they appear to be wearing and thereby lengthen the life of the sole of your boots.

Can SIMPLE Boots be used on gaited horses?

Too much traction on the sole of boots can inflict strain on the tendons and ligaments. In gaits faster than a walk, the bare hoof slides slightly when making contact with the ground. The SIMPLE Boot has just the right amount of traction -- more than a metal horse shoe, but not as much as a hiking boot. This allows horses to travel comfortably at any speed over any terrain. Cavallo has numerous successful reports of use of SIMPLE Boots with gaited horses. The problem can be in the amount of “twist” on ground contact. If the hoof is twisting and the boot is stationary – there may be some friction problems. This can easily be corrected by filing more tread off the bottom of the sole of the boot, thus encouraging the boot to move more readily with your horse’s hoof. SPORT Boot has a narrower hoof profile and less traction, which may be your better option.

How do Cavallo Boots compare to other boots on the market?

Cavallo Boots are specifically designed for ease of use and practicality. Cavallo Boots are easy to put on, do not come off and are easy to remove. You can ride over any terrain with complete hoof protection. The following chart gives an indication of some various uses of boots and the comparison between them.


Simple Boot Delta Boa Easyboot Epic and Bare Old Mac's Grip Soaker RX Renagade Marquis
Built in Drainage
Built in Sole Relief 
All Leather Upper
Spare Tire Carry a hoof Boot
Deep Mud or Wet Conditions
Extra Protection Over Iron Shoes
Quick and Easy Application
Riding the Barefoot Horse
Trail Riding - Under 25 miles per week or per ride
Distance Riding - Over 25 miles per week or per ride
Medicinal - Soaking, Stallbound
Protection - Hauling/Breeding
Optional Hoof pad inserts
Endurance Riding
* Horses hoofs and riding conditions vary.  This chart is meant to be used as a  general guide only.


Can SIMPLE Boots be used for endurance riding?

Endurance riding is an aggressive and extreme sport which for warranty purposes falls under the “excessive wear and tear” category, thus making void the Cavallo Boot warranty. Please note however,  that there are many positive reports of Cavallo Boots successfully used by endurance riders including the sweep team for the Tevis Cup.

Can studs be used with SIMPLE Boots?

Riders use a variety of studs and even regular screws to help increase traction while riding on ice, snow and wet grass. You must use caution that no part of it extends past the sole of the boot to irritate the horse's hoof. The amount used and placement on the boots is dependent on various conditions such as terrain, gait and your personal requirements. There have also been reports of success by using a Dremel to create more grooves into the sole of the boot to improve grip. Whatever you decide, please ride with care on treacherous terrain.