Western Wool Saddle Pad by Cavallo #WWP


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This simple all-purpose 100% Australian wool saddle pad is perfect for any western riding including everyday ranch work, trail excursions and arena performance. Cavallo Saddle Pads are soft, flexible and shock absorbent, allowing for wither and spine relief. Use this pad to provide comfort, eliminate pressure points and contour to your horse and saddle to provide improved fit, cushion and stability. The natural wool felt will wick the moisture away, keeping your horse comfortable and dry. To clean, simply hose and hang dry or brush dried debris away with a stiff brush. This is an excellent pad for a full skirted saddle.


  • ¾ inch thick
  • 32 inches long
  • 32 inches wide

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100% Australian wool

  • The best all-purpose value for money wool pad on the market, perfect for any discipline – Ropers, Cutters, Reiners, Trail Riding or simply using as a work pad around the ranch.
  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Eliminate pressure points along the spine and wither
  • Contoured to your horse’s spine
  • Maintain compression
  • Wither relief
  • Everyday work/Ranch/Arena Performance
  • Great pad for a full skirted saddle
  • Cleaning Care: Hose and hang dry.
  • Fast dyed wool wicks away moisture
  • Shock absorbent
  • Reduces saddle slippage and rubbing.
  • High quality Micro Fibre leather wear patches.


"Our horse, Benny, fractured his P2 pastern bone on the left front foot last year. He had surgery to pin the bone fragments back together, which was successful, but he then developed supporting limb Laminitis in the right front foot post-surgery. To keep both feet comfortable Benny has had to wear boots on both front feet for 12 to 24 hours a day for the past year. Jennifer Novak Ciri - Benny - fractured pastern bone TREKWe have tried several different name brand boots during this time, but they were either too hot, too weak, didn't fit properly, or the Velcro did not last. The Cavallo Trek Slim Sole Hoof Boot has been the perfect solution. Benny has worn his Cavallo Trek boots every day for 12-16 hours a day of turnout for the past two months. They have held up incredibly well in both wet and dry conditions, and he has been totally comfortable in them. He is able to run around the pasture now and the boots stay on and stay in place (no twisting around as some other boots did).
The boots come with an extra Velcro strap, but the Velcro has held up perfectly so far. The construction is light and airy, yet very supportive and sturdy. He has not had any rubs when combined with wearing our socks. In the morning when we take the boots off his feet are cool and dry. This is by far the best experience we have had with any brand of boots. Also, the customer support from the Cavallo team is the best! My husband is a trainer, so he tells his students and other horse people about our wonderful experience with the Cavallo Trek boots. They have literally been a lifesaver for our horse, Benny." 💕 -Jennifer Novak Ciri

Healing a Fractured Pastern Bone & Laminitis

Thank you to Ashley and Jasper for sharing their story! "My Jasper was 6 years old when I got him and he came with a lot of baggage he had a really rough life to start.. he and I have been together for 6 years and he is my Ultimate Super horse, he tries everything I ask him to do...Ashley McCleary and Jasper I've never believed in horseshoes unless you're doing some heavy competition and I don't do that I do natural horsemanship... While Jasper and I are ridinghe always has tender feet, I always hated asking Jasper to walk on the rocks because he always would without complaint but he shows his pain in tripping and stumbling but he still did it... My friend Kelly Wolfe turned me on to the Cavallo boots. I bought them and Jasper can run on rocks now. thank you!  ... we appreciate you!"    

Ashley McCleary and Jasper

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