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The Cavallo Western Built-Up Saddle Pad provides additional padding over the wither area that will adjust the position of a saddle that tips. It is used to balance a saddle that would otherwise incline to the fore. The unique Four-Density Solution arrests concussion within the pad. The high integrity foam remains thin to provide more room for your horse to move freely.

Firm poly fiber sheets have been inserted alongside the protective memory foam inserts – these poly fiber sheets create internal stability, which serves to further equalize the load in high performance sports. These panels produce an inner equilibrium that even in very active rider movement or saddle stress situations, will allow a more complete utilization of the horse’s scapula. THE PERFECT FIT between horse and rider.

* When using this pad, take care not to tilt the saddle too far back on the loins.

Length: 30” (76 cm) Width: 32 ” (81 cm)

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Additional padding over the wither area will adjust the position of a saddle that tips. It is used to balance a saddle that would otherwise incline to the fore. Take care not to tilt the saddle too far back on the loins.

Our Four-Density Solution, plus the performance enhancement (PE) panel, combined with fine finishing details including genuine leather butt joints, nylon bindings and aeration perforations, provides the Ultimate in Saddle Pads, benefiting both horse and rider!

Cavallo Performance Enhanced Saddle Pad System

Shock absorbent: it’s not shocking!

  • Saves the backs of both horse and rider
  • Promotes blood circulation (the slow release memory of the open cell foam creates a gentle massaging action on the horse’s muscle structure)

Improves saddle fit: Fit for Excellence!

  • Contracts at pressure points, fills gaps
  • Enhances the saddle gullet (protecting the spine)
  • Cutback allows wither relief
  • More comfort for a saddle which fits perfectly
  • Allows one saddle to be used on multiple horses
  • Compensates for the changing horses back (different levels of conditioning, natural development over the season and development over the horse’s lifetime)

Thin: Thin is important!

  • 4 different material densities creates a thinner pad with greater shock absorption than a pad twice as thick
    allows more room for free movement of the scapula (shoulder blade)

Reversible: Effective & Stylish

  • New Zealand wool on one side, closed cell shock absorbing foam on the other
  • Use either side against the horse; it’s your personal preference!

Cavallo Technology


Patented Nitrex Closed-Cell Foam:Non-PVC foam that has low resilience and low penetration value, resulting in excellent shock absorption, insulation, cushioning and rebound (G-value energy return). Far superior to traditional foams.

  • soft and lightweight
  • water-absorption-free

Open-Cell Memory Foam to enhance saddle fit:

  • releases as the rider shifts weight to vary pressure and gently massage the muscles, promoting healthy circulation
  • evenly distributes rider and saddle weight on the muscles
  • contracts where the saddle is tight and remains full where the saddle has less contact.

New Zealand Merino Wool:100% Merino Wool carded and consolidated into a dense material. The resulting cloth is then heat-bonded to enhance dimensional stability, durability and abrasion resistance.
high directional stability to maintain shape

  • Resilient
  • Durable
  • wicks away moisture
  • breathable and insulating





Dude riding horse - Cavallo Hoof Boots

Your feedback is thoughtful, fun and makes being in the world of hoof boots feel SO worthwhile!  Here's what YOU'RE saying:

Modern Mules Rule!

"You Guys!!!  OMG, I just had to let you know that the boots I got from you - my very first experience with hoof boots - were SO perfect this weekend, that I think they will completely change my life!  WOW!  We have 4 riding mules, and they have always been hard to fit according to any company's size chart.  The mules have smaller, more upright hooves.  I ordered a size 0 of the Trek regular boots and they fit like a glove on my mule, Cimarron.  He had zero adjustment time and we rode in them all weekend, up and down hills and roads, gravel, water, and Ohio sticky mud.  Perfection!  No sore area around his foot, he acted like he had been wearing them his entire life.  He is one that gets very sore on any gravel.  Thank you SO much for making a great boot!  As you can see, we travelled through some squishy Ohio mud, but the boots were perfect with no issues.  And, he used to get sore on gravel, to the point of trying to avoid it if he saw it, but he understood that he would be fine and comfortable, so stepped right out onto it at the overlook.  So relieved, as gravel was beginning to be an issue with him. This morning, I simply hosed the boot off at home and they look almost restored to new!" Thanks again, Beth Bell, Winchester, Ohio Mules wearing Cavallo Trek Hoof Boots  

Cavallos - No Pock Marks on Trails

Cavallo Trek Hoof Boots - Horse Trail riding"Hi Cavallo -  Here's one thing I really appreciate about the boots - I ride in our Denman Island Provincial Park (we have a multi-use trail system on our trails - aren't we so lucky!), and I feel good that my horses are not leaving pock marks or deep marks like the horses that are shod.  I feel this is an added positive to using boots on trails. It also goes a long way with the parks planners when you can show that your horses are not leaving any damage on the trails. For those back country riders and shared trails users, this can mean the difference between being allowed onto a shared trail system or not. I've had some great conversations with people I meet on the trail who ask "What is that on your horses feet!"  I can then explain that they have their own hiking boots! 😉  I've been using Cavallo boots on my horses since you started up. I've used both the Simple Boots and have recently been using the Trek.  I LOVE these boots.  They go on easy, they last and last and my horses really do ride differently and more confidently when they have the boots on.  With the Trek it's perfect that you send an extra velcro tab, as that's the only part that needed any attention after many happy miles on the trails on Denman Island, BC." Happy trails,

Laura Pope, Denman Island


No More Dragging those Feet, Tank!

CLB Hoof Boots for miniature horses"Hi - This is Tank (with his rider Elsie) in his Cavallo ‘cute little boots’. All tacked up and ready to hack out. His boots are the difference between around the block & over the coastal ridge rides. They are a perfect fit and also encourage him to pick his feet up nicely (rather than drag them)!"            


Protecting Horses who Serve

10th Light Horse Rockingham Troop Australia - Cavallo Trek Hodf Boots"The Australian 10th Light Horse Rockingham Troop uses Cavallo Trek Boots. Our horses absolutely LOVE them and we can rest assured as riders that our horses are safe and comfortable on all surfaces. Our horses always give us their best, being asked to work in stressful situations, so we strongly believe they deserve the very best back... so thank you Cavallo Hoof Boots!"

- Krystal Harvey Jose



Man, I've Got a COOL Farrier!

Cavallo Hoof Boots with help of farrier"I just watched your Facebook video post about the fear of going barefoot - Oh my gosh I can’t love this enough!! Even 20 yrs after you were breaking ground in the field of barefoot, I still went through these exact same thoughts.  I’m 55 yrs old and had not had a horse in 30 yrs.  Back then everyone had metal shoes on their horses and I, having grown up with this mind set,  thought that was the norm. When my beloved 19 yr old Cowboy came along he had metal shoes on his whole life, but I started doing some research - simply because it had been so many years since I had a horse and I found this new way of thinking, of treating the hoof and horse. I was so afraid to have those shoes pulled and I had a wonderful farrier who I was afraid would desert us if we went barefoot. To my surprise, after I told him my plan and the Cavallo boots I was going to get, my farrier was in complete favor of it!  He even measured Cowboy's hooves to make sure I got a good fit! Cowboy's been barefoot for several months and is doing awesome. I use the Cavallo Boots to ride, and Cowboy seems so comfortable.  He's even more sure-footed on rocky terrain than he was in metal shoes. I've also recently transitioned to a bitless bridle, which is working great.  I cannot thank you enough for your groundbreaking courage and commitment to the betterment of of horses who are lucky enough to wear these boots! Thank you again!" -Shawney Geisinger  

"Terribly Sensitive Soles"

Terribly sensitive soles - Cavallo Hoof Boot"Just got a pair of Trek Boots for my gelding with terribly sensitive soles and just like that he’s back on the trail! Easy to put on and remove, and pretty easy to find the right size. They stayed on over rocks, through water, and at every gait, and he seemed so happy to be able to confidently stride out and not worry about his feet hurting! I really hope they last a while! So far, very good!" -Shannon Johnson  


You Saved my Life

Horse - Laminitis - Cavallo Trek Hoof Boots"I am writing to you because your boots have saved my horses life.  Following on from Laminitis, Max continued to be lame. The vets couldn't find anything on his x-rays or MRI scan. No indication of Laminitis, no fractures, nothing to be causing the lameness. The only thing was a buildup of pressure in the hoof, possibly caused by banging the door whilst on box rest. Max spent from October 2018 to May 2019 on box rest with regular visits from the vet and farrier. Eventually the farrier suggested trying Trek boots, as he thought maybe Max was expecting his feet to hurt when he walked and was therefore walking lame from habit. This was the last resort,and if it didn't work it was looking like we would have to have Max put to sleep. Max is now going out in a paddock for several hours a day and is going for gentle hacks out 3 or 4 times a week with his Trek boots on!  Thanks to the Trek boots I've got my horse back and he's enjoying life again." -Kind regards, Alex and Max   Kelly Cain - Cavallo Hoof Boots Farrier


Over All Terrain in Cavallo ELB (Entry Level Boots)

Renegade Cavallo ELB Hoof Boots in all terrainRenegade loves his new ELB’s.  Had a chance to trail ride in them today - went 20 miles!  Renegade did awesome, no soreness or boots coming off in the mud or water.  We covered all terrain - over gravel, on sand and up and down hills!  Thanks again for the boots, he loves them!
  • Mike Garret

Eventing in Cavallos

Jumping and eventing in Cavallo Hoof BootsMore and more, customers are reporting that hoof boots are being permitted in events they're attending.  These are exciting times!

"We’re eventers and, before Cavallo Hoof Boots, Bello’s eventing carrier was practically over because of Navicular Syndrome. With Cavallo Hoof Boots we were able to get back in the show ring!"

    • Julie Anna, Facebook
        These stories light up our days and we thank you for them!  Wishing you even more happy trails, Carole Herder's book - There are no Horseshoes in Heaven      

What YOU'RE Saying

Thank you for sending my new SIMPLE Hoof Boots in time for our Horse 'N Hound jumping performance at Horsefest this past weekend! My draft cross horse, Flying W Farms Tiara, is newly barefoot and is quite sore on gravel footing while her hoof transitions to its new barefoot state. Our performance was moved from a grassy field to a limestone gravel arena due to all of the rain we've had. If it weren't for these boots, we would not have been able to perform. I'm happy to say that they fit her beautifully and were quite easy to put on. Tiara was instantly comfortable in them and it showed! Several people came up to me before our performance to ask what they were and purposefully stayed to watch this ultimate SIMPLE Boot test ride over a jump course of 11 fences complete with many tight turns and rollbacks. I was nervous myself as I didn't have much of a chance to try them out before performing, but they worked marvelously! I I'm very impressed and my horse is a happy camper! Here is a picture of me and my horse, Flying W Farms Tiara, in our war horse/gladiator costume complete with our SIMPLE Boots!

P.S.: I took Tiara on another trail ride today on a gravel in her SIMPLE boots with the man who leases her in the saddle and he noticed a HUGE difference in her stride and comfort level as well! She was happy bouncing along the trail like she's never done before!

Jenna Hill, Ohio

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