Mustad Rasp Handle


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This screw-on plastic handle fits any of the rasps we sell as well as many other brands.


I love SIMPLE Boots! My mare has sensitive soles and she goes over rocky ground much easier with the Simple Boots. I had formerly used xxx xxxx boots for 4 years, but my mare is much more comfortable in the Simple Boots. And I love that they fasten from the front. No more crawling under the horse's belly to fasten the boots. Much safer. Great design changes!

Thanks, Jeremie Roach

Jeremie Roach

"Our horse, Benny, fractured his P2 pastern bone on the left front foot last year. He had surgery to pin the bone fragments back together, which was successful, but he then developed supporting limb Laminitis in the right front foot post-surgery. To keep both feet comfortable Benny has had to wear boots on both front feet for 12 to 24 hours a day for the past year. Jennifer Novak Ciri - Benny - fractured pastern bone TREKWe have tried several different name brand boots during this time, but they were either too hot, too weak, didn't fit properly, or the Velcro did not last. The Cavallo Trek Slim Sole Hoof Boot has been the perfect solution. Benny has worn his Cavallo Trek boots every day for 12-16 hours a day of turnout for the past two months. They have held up incredibly well in both wet and dry conditions, and he has been totally comfortable in them. He is able to run around the pasture now and the boots stay on and stay in place (no twisting around as some other boots did).
The boots come with an extra Velcro strap, but the Velcro has held up perfectly so far. The construction is light and airy, yet very supportive and sturdy. He has not had any rubs when combined with wearing our socks. In the morning when we take the boots off his feet are cool and dry. This is by far the best experience we have had with any brand of boots. Also, the customer support from the Cavallo team is the best! My husband is a trainer, so he tells his students and other horse people about our wonderful experience with the Cavallo Trek boots. They have literally been a lifesaver for our horse, Benny." 💕 -Jennifer Novak Ciri

Healing a Fractured Pastern Bone & Laminitis