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Keeping Horses is a Challenge

Rising feed costs, increasing vet and farrier bills, encroaching urban development, and overall stress are just some of the frustrations facing horse owners. Worries about your horse’s soundness and well-being have humbled all horse owners. Feeling powerless to cure lameness or disease can overwhelm us with denial, despair, and guilt. Living with horses is no longer a simple country life. 

Carole Herder's Book - Hoof Prints on the Journey - Horse care

The good news is, you are not alone. Your horse community and your horse health expert, inventor and author, Carole Herder are here to help. At the forefront of revolutionary new wisdom, this book will help you navigate issues such as Laminitis and Navicular Disease.

    • Discover actionable steps that every horse owner can take
    • Consider statements from top experts and scientists
    • Learn to manage extreme season and climate change
    • Understand and prevent problems from arising
    • Savour other horse lovers’ personal stories


A quick and easy read, this book is full of pictures and anecdotes that will engage and entertain you while providing solutions for your deepest fears. You are not powerless, but If you don’t take control of your horse’s future, outside forces will.

Get curious. A few small changes can move you from regret to inspiration. Hoofprints on The Journey will show you how!

Here’s a Quick Excerpt:

“Yes, it’s a danger! Run! Burst into action, nose to flank, protect one another, babies in the center, be a unit, be off! Eyes stark with terror, and their bodies challenged to the test. Nature’s prehistoric orchestra begins its dramatic symphony. Pupils dilate. Digestion shuts down. The flight is the only remaining requirement.

The sympathetic nervous system is performing like a hormonal gas pedal. Thousands of pounds thunder across the tundra on small, compact hooves. Injury, disease, or weakness will cause the hoof to fail. Failure of the hoof will cause death. They are fleeing for their lives. Survival depends on healthy functioning feet.”

Here’s What you’ll Learn

So, what is a healthy hoof, and what can we do to cultivate it? Let’s continue with a simple description of what we can readily see with our naked eye. We’ll then move into an example of some common problems that are easily within our ability to control.

If you have ever been confused about the structures and bones inside the horse’s hoof, you are not alone. For the average horse owner, a passionate study of this part of the horse’s anatomy can be discouraging. One reason is simple. It’s challenging to identify a framework when the names of their parts change.

Here’s to Our Horses’ Health!

One of our biggest challenges is confusion when our horses become lame. Comprehending the words spoken and their relative function to each other will support your clarity in conversation with your veterinarian. Understanding is our responsibility. With the necessary information, we can better accept and understand a diagnosis.

For the most part, there is no need to be further versed in the intricacy of the inner hoof. With your greater understanding, you can be involved in the prognosis. There are options. If we intend to keep our horses sound, it is our responsibility to understand them. We are currently experiencing the most significant evolution in the treatment of horse feet in our lifetimes. We are at THE FOREFRONT of this evolutionary transformation.

Reviews for Hoof Prints on the Journey:

I was a fast convert after getting my first pair of Treks a few months ago. I have used them weekly with my gelding and can’t imagine I’ll ever go back to shoes! I loved them before I even knew the philosophies and reasons behind barefoot hoof care, but please tell Carole that reading her book has increased my understanding and cemented the philosophy for me.

Everyone talks about how horses are therapeutic. I’m the poster child for someone whose life is more livable because of them. It’s especially important to me that I honour my horse’s important role in my life by doing my best to keep him healthy and happy, too. I feel like I’m even closer to that ideal now.

– Lori Maroe

Horse Lovers Unite Through this Book!

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