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Flume Comfort Footwear

Flume Comfort Footwear

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Ride, walk, dance and have fun in Cavallo Flumes, designed and developed with comfort as the key. The lightweight, slip-resistant TPR sole, premium grade leather upper, and Cavallo’s molded insole all combine to provide the Total Comfort System for your feet.

  • Premium leather upper – Premium grade, oil-tanned, water
  • resistant upper is a pleasure to wear and provides a genuinely
  • natural look
  • Industrial grade, water-resistant elastic provides strength and durability
  • Unique three-density removable foot bed brings a new dimension of comfort
  • Enhanced shock protection built into the polyurethane outsole absorbs shock on heel strike and minimizes fatigue
  • Spur rest and stirrup heel







I want to thank you for inventing the SIMPLE Boot. I have a 17 year old Hanovarian-Thoroughbred who has arthritis in his hocks. He tends to overreach especially as he gets more tired. I go on 10 to 20 mile trail rides with him but it was getting more and more difficult to keep front shoes on him as he would eventually pull them off. With a 2 week trip to Vermont this past August, I was getting more worried that I might not even be able to ride much for fear of losing a shoe. Well, I started using your Simple Boot this past July and I will never go back to regular shoes again. Even with my horse overreaching there are no pulled shoes so I don't have to travel with an extra boot. Your boot is so easy and fast to put on that I have my husband doing it at times! Mud and rocks are no match for your hoof boot. I never worry about losing a shoe in deep mud anymore. It's such a great feeling! Your boot even works well when it's too big! My horse's front hoofs had to be trimmed back due to a problem and therefore were smaller than before. That wasn't a problem with the Simple Boot. Even though my current pair are probably one size too big for my horse, I can gallop, jump and do everything that I did before without any problems. So thanks so much for the Simple Boot.

Cindy Schlener, Massachusetts

My horses are barefoot since the beginning (9 years) and they are healthy and happy! I bought a new mare that had shoes. After removing them, she was slow and was looking for grass under her hooves. When I received her Cavallo Hoof Boots, I tried them just to see if they would fit and make her walk a little. After she used them, I tried to remove them and she didn't want me to! It was funny to see! With her boots, she is faster now, walking in trail or running in competition. Until she will be healed and free! -Roxane, Quebec, Canada

My horse doesn't want me to take them off her!

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