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This LED flashlight has a refillable holder for dog bags. Lightweight, complete with carabiner to clip on your canine’s favorite leash.


I just wanted to say thank you for these wonderful boots! I am still riding my 28 yr old TB mare because of them! She was originally my daughter's show horse - but when my daughter went off to college, Cassie stayed behind in semi-retirement. Unfortunately, as she aged, her already bad feet got worse fast - couldn't keep a shoe on her for more than a week. We decided to pull her shoes and let her move into retirement in the pasture (at just 20). After about 6 months of letting her feet grow out - it was obvious that after years of being ridden several times a week, she was fast growing bored (and getting into trouble). We tried multiple products to toughen up her feet enough to ride her, but no luck. About 5 years ago I discovered your Cavallo simple boot - and after one trial ride where we had to keep stopping to look at our feet , Cassie is now nicknamed "Cinderella " at the barn because of her obvious love of her "slippers"! I am back to riding her on a regular basis - we take nice long strolls through the woods - and not tree roots, pine cones, rocks or concrete phase her! Once her boots are on - she steps out strong and confident. We ride through puddles, mud, woods - we may have an occasional velco strap come loose, but the shoe itself never budges. I just ordered her a new pair (have a strap ready to wear all the way through) - in purple to match her diva personality! Thank you for giving me and Cassie many more years of strolling pleasure! P.S And my favorite thing about the simple boots – they are SIMPLE!! Slide on, stay on, keep them clean – and a new set of inserts about once a year – all that is needed! As soon as I start tacking Cassie up to ride, she starts picking up her front feet – wants to make sure I remember the slippers! [caption id="attachment_5063" align="aligncenter" width="452"]Cassie – at the happy and healthy age of 28 Cassie – at the happy and healthy age of 28[/caption] Thank you, Pat Allison (and Cassie too!)

Cassie's Simple Boots

Wendy Bester Cavallo Hoof Boots Customer Service

Here's What YOU'RE Saying - Thanks for Taking the Time to Tell us How Happy you Are!

The Tiny Terrors are Pleased!

(Why do we get the feeling the Tiny Terrors don't give out their seal of approval willy-nilly?) "Our Tiny Terrors did wonderfully with their new hoof boots this weekend. Definitely planning to invest in more! Thank you for catering to our minis! That's Hailey with Lucile and Lucyfur!" - Heidi Worral, Facebook Heidi Worral - Cavallo CLB Hoof Boots for Mini horses Horse stuck in thick mud bog Cavallo Trek Hoof Boots stay on

Boots Stay Put in a Thick, Muddy Bog

"Just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with your Trek Boots. I recently hit a huge mud bog while riding my horse. We sunk into the mud almost up to her belly! She struggled to get out of the bog for some time, and yet both front boots were intact and remained on once we were out safe!  Your product is awesome!" – Cheryl Lynn Oikle – Canada BCHBC Member

Hoofs Protected

This one made us stop and think: "I have just had to replace my mare's hoof boots after about two years. She can't be shod on the backs - Can you imagine the damage that would be done to her feet if she didn't have her boots?" - Claire Churchhouse

Annabelle Knows Best

"Gotta love Cavallos! Have so many pals fighting with different brands of boots and they always give me the same answer: "but Cavallos look so clumpy." Sorry guys - l have never left a Cavallo in the mud, never had a boot full of water after crossing a river, never had one pulled off by a hind leg on the mountains and never had a stick caught up through a plastic loop in the forests...  l popped my mare's boots on a pal's pony once, after her pony went lame on a ride. This pony had never worn boots before. l cut the toes off a pair of ski socks to protect the pasterns and sent the pair on their way.  They did a full endurance ride of 30 miles, and came in second! One teeny rub on her pastern. Seven ponies that day were hopping lame from the rocky section, and two were boxed from the course. My friend called her farrier as soon as she got home and she now has both her horses unshod, and both in Cavallos!  She has not had one lame day since using boots, and never lost a Cavallo. This same friend tried a lighter brand boot once since because she was told they were fab... It sure made me laugh when they were up for sale within an hour of her ride finishing!  One boot fell off, and one got a twig caught in the strap. Luckily her Cavallos were in her saddle pack and she said she would have left the other set on the hill of they hadn't cost her over £200 a week before... Hahaha, GO Cavallo! My Wonder Boots! - Annabelle Worsley, UK

Our Wendy is Da Bomb!

"Hi there! I just called in to ask a question and got Wendy on the line. She is really great! We didn't talk long but her care and passion came right through. So much so, that I had to read all your bios! I'm glad to be working with such a great team. I hope my pony loves his new boots! (He's barefoot but we just started learning to drive and he'll be pounding the pavement soon). I'm really looking forward to using these boots. Thanks, you guys!" - Judith Andrew If you also want to know who's on the other end of the phone when you call us, click HERE! Wendy Bester - Cavallo Hoof Boots Customer Service

What YOU'RE Saying - April 2020

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