CLB "Cute Little Boots" Slim Sole - for Minis (sold in pairs)





CLB Hoof Boots – Little Boots, BIG Style!

If you are looking for 100% hoof protection for your mini horse, pony or VSE then Cavallo Cute Little Boots (CLB’s) are the boots for your equine friend!  CLB Hoof Boots in Slim Sole is shaped to fit a narrower hoof, and this boot is also available on Regular Sole for the more rounder hoof. 

All CLB’s are available in 4 sizes ( M1 – M4 ) on both our REGULAR sole and SLIM sole. Please refer to size charts below for full information.


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The CLB upper has a soft foam collar for your equine’s comfort. This little boot goes on easily, conforms to individual hoofs and pasterns, and it stays on. Each boot can fit a left or right foot and can be used on both front and rear hooves.

All CLB uppers are made of the highest quality materials possible and have passed Cavallo’s strict wear tests. Each boot has a soft, durable foam-padded collar and replaceable Velcro straps with a reflective logo for extra safety. The inside bulb area is foam padded and covered in supple full-grain genuine leather, offering ultimate comfort.

CLB’s come in black industrial-grade Nylon as well as a variety of durable fashion materials that will make your equine friend proud to ‘step out in style!’ 

Cavallo Hoof Boots - the official hoof boot of the American Miniature Horse Association lrThe Cavallo CLB Hoof Boot is the Official Hoof Boot of the American Miniature Horse Association (AMHA) and is the preferred hoof boot of many therapy horse organizations worldwide.


CLB Sole Widths

CLB’s are available in four sizes on REGULAR soles (with the width and length being the same), and SLIM soles for a more narrow hoof, where (size for size) the sole length is the same as the REGULAR of the same size., but the width is 3/8’’ (10mm) less than the length – offering the perfect fit no matter the hoof shape.

The Full CLB Size Range

The M1 – M4 sizes on both Regular and Slim soles now gives a complete range of sizing, including those very small hoofs that could previously not fit a Cavallo Boot! Size M1 is made to fit the smallest of miniature horses, and the M4 is designed to fit a large mini horse or pony, or a very small regular horse hoof. The M4 size bridges the gap between Cavallo’s miniature and regular size ranges. 

Please refer to our sizing chart to determine the best size for your equine, and know that Cavallo CLB’s come with the Best Boot Guarantee of 180 days for exchange, repair or replacement:

Cavallo CLB mini horse hoof boot Slim sole measuring chart

Cavallo CLB Mini horse hoof boot measuring chart regular sole

Cute Little Boot Pads

Cavallo CLB Cute Little Boot Pad insole miniature horses

Cavallo CLB Hoof Boot Pads offer even more comfort and support to your small equine – absorbing shock and concussion so your horse’s hoofs and legs don’t have to!

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CLB – Bettering the Lives of Miniature Horses

Comfort and Stability for our Little Friends

The CLB Hoof Boot offers secure footing on slippery indoor floors and is highly valued by miniature horse equine assisted therapy organizations around the world. These little boots offer comfort and protection while driving on asphalt, gravel, and all-terrain, including rocky and muddy trails!

CLB for Successful Hoof Rehabilitation

CLB is not only stylish, but it’s invaluable for its role in a variety of activities. Safety, protection and comfort are synonymous with the household hoof boot brand – Cavallo. Use your CLBs for hoof rehabilitation –  for injuries, abscesses, Navicular disease, Laminitis/founder, punctures, sole bruising, contracted heels and more!

Cavallo Unicorn Pink CLB mini horse hoof boots

Keeping Minis Fit and Healthy

Many mini owners are thanking Cavallo for developing a boot that allows them to drive twice as far on outings with their minis, keeping their horses at an optimal level of fitness.  With the boots on, minis go a longer distance. Without these boots, they will display signs of fatigue or soreness much sooner.  The thick soles of the boots simply do the work to absorb the concussive force of a hoof against pavement.  Owners and horses are feeling more confident. Improving traction and providing protection goes a long way to improve performance and decrease risks.

Traction for Winter Action

Specially formulated TPU soles provide better grip on slick surfaces, such as interior floors and rainy roads.  In the winter months, asphalt and other outdoor surfaces can become slick with frost, ice or even snow.  To give safety and strong grip on these surfaces, studs can be added to all CLB Boots, and are easily removed once they are no longer required.

Getting Arena-Ready with CLB

The CLB is becoming a common tool used by minis training for events and shows.  Kerri Postletheweight and her daughter, Megan, returned from the 2019 American Miniature Horse Association World Championships, boasting a win in one of the driving events.  Kerri gave credit to her Cavallo CLB Boots for the role they played in the months before their win:

“Without a big indoor arena, the only place we can teach our miniature horses to drive a cart is on a long gravel driveway. Our Cavallo hoof boots protect their hooves from the rocks while driving. Our mini, Hughie (TWFS Moonlight Playboy), would not have been able to win World Champion in a driving class this year without his Cavallo hoof boots. He moves great in them and it does not affect his action. He has never had a boot slide off while working.

The boots are great for all minis from therapy visits to anywhere you want to take your minis that might be slick or rocky.”

-Kerri, Eric, and Megan Postletheweight, AMHA members

AMHA Hughie and Megan Postletheweight - Cavallo CLB Hoof Boots


CLB Hoof Boots – No Hesitation!

“OMG. These CLB’s are wonderful. No hesitation. Love them. Unbelievable. Not much gets this 71 yr old woman excited but these boots are great!  First time out in them we went for 1.3 hours at a trot and NO rubbing – thank you Cavallo. And thank you to Krystle in Customer Service for following through.”

-Louise… Scio, Oregon, USA.

Cavallo CLB Hoof Boots Miniature Horse Driving

Not Every Step has to Hurt

Mona - Miniature horse Cavallo Hoof Boots laminitis.“After a rough winter, my poor little miniature pony Mona started to develop Laminitis. The first few weeks she spent hours and hours laying down, had no appetite, and was in obvious pain. After a round of Bute, she was doing a bit better but that obviously wasn’t a permanent fix. My vet recommended hoof boots to me, but I was having trouble finding them in miniature sizes until I stumbled across the CLB from Cavallo. I ordered a pair after measuring her feet (in pink sparkles, of course – she’s a palomino, how could I not???).

Today I put them on for the first time and I feel like this is the start to getting my pony back. I saw immediate results from her actually WANTING to walk, instead of having to drag her behind me on the lead rope begging her to follow. Although she was still stumbling a bit, she was taking confident steps and was happy to walk. With the Cavallo CLB, exercise, diet, and help from my farrier and vet, I have no doubt that Mona will be running around before I know it! Thank you for giving my pony the confidence in knowing that not every step has to hurt! I cannot wait to measure my riding mare and order a pair of hoof boots for her to make her more comfortable as well when we go out on the trail!

Thanks Again,


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