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The Cavallo Comfort Pad horse hoof boot insole – for even more support with your Cavallo Hoof Boots. Cavallo Comfort Pads are made of a unique polymer cushioning compound that absorbs shock and concussion, so your horse’s hoofs and legs don’t have to. Ideal for use during hoof therapy/rehabilitation or extra comfort during riding and turnout. Can be added to the Cavallo Transport Air Hoof Boot, so your horse arrives sound, refreshed and ready to compete!

Cavallo Comfort Pad Features:

    • Removable insole for extra cushion and comfort
    • Fits all Cavallo Hoof Boots size 0-6.
    • Absorbs shock and concussion – so your horse’s hoofs and legs don’t have to
    • Can be added to Cavallo Hoof Boots to tighten boot fit
    • Comfort Pads can be doubled for additional shock-absorption and comfort
    • Can be added to the Transport Air transportation hoof boot for extra cushioning and/or to protect the boot sole during use with studs
    • Ideal for use to give extra comfort and stimulate blood circulation during hoof therapy/rehabilitation, during turnout or while riding/hacking
    • Can be used together with the Cavallo Protection Pad, for extra sole protection when booting over metal shoes/studs
    • 5 mm thickness. Made of a unique polymer compound (weight: 0.275 kg per pair)


While all Cavallo Hoof Boot Pads are valuable tools for adding extra comfort and cushioning to Cavallo Hoof Boots, Cavallo Gel Pads are designed for temporary use when your horse’s hooves are more tender.

The Comfort Pad offers relief to horses experiencing Laminitis / Founder, Thin Soles, Hoof Cracks, White Line Disease, abscess, Thrush, Hoof Cracks, navicular Syndrome, Stone Bruising, and more!

Which Cavallo Hoof Boot Pad Does your Horse Need?

Which Cavallo Horse Hoof Boot Pad for my Horse?

Is YOUR Horse Asking for Cavallo Hoof Boot Pads?

Testimonials for the fabulous Cavallo Comfort Pad:

Hoof therapy rehabilitation laminitis founder Cavallo Hoof Boot Comfort PadsCavallo Helped Chester Kick Laminitis

“Cavallo boots have been a huge help for Chester! He’s currently coming toward the end of his recovery from laminitis, but in the earlier days, his boots were the difference between him being able to go for small walks (on vet’s instruction) and being stuck in his box. The Comfort Pads helped even further!

-Rachel Lawrenson




Transitioning Kahlua to Barefoot

horse hoof transitioning to barefoot Cavallo Comfort Pads and Hoof Boots“We rescued Kahlua, unexpectedly, from euthanasia, on 4/17/19. Her owners couldn’t find her a suitable home and didn’t know what else to do with her.

She went barefoot one week ago today. The ELB Bling Boots along with the Comfort Pads are making the transition go smoothly!”

– Shelly Allen




Rowdy’s Thin Soles are no Longer a Problem

Miniature horse thin soles hoof - Cavallo CLB Hoof Boots & Comfort Pads insoles“I recently purchased the CLB mini boots and Comfort Pads for Rowdy – my cart horse, show horse and my best friend. He is enthusiastic about his work, but his spirits were dampened by his recent diagnosis of thin soles. I put the CLB’s and Comfort Pads on Rowdy, and WOW!!! His short, choppy, tender-footed stride was immediately transformed into a long, confident, ground-covering gait. The boots and pads were easy to size, easy to apply and most importantly, “Rowdy approved”! Thanks for getting us back in the cart and show ring!”

-Team Rowdy.

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