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Cavallo "Cute Little Boot" CLB Hoof Boot Pad


Cavallo “Cute Little Boot” CLB Hoof Boot Pad


1 pair


Meet the new “Cute Little Boot” CLB Hoof Boot Pad!

For even more comfort and support with your Cavallo CLB’s! Cavallo CLB Hoof Boot Pads are made of specially formulated microcellular foam compound that absorbs shock and concussion – so your horse’s hoofs and legs don’t have to. Ideal for use during hoof therapy/rehabilitation or extra comfort during driving and cart-pulling activities, equine-assisted therapy, extra traction on indoor floors, turnout, trails, and more!

Cavallo CLB Hoof Boot Pad Features:

  • Removable insole for extra cushion and comfort
  • Fits all Cavallo CLB’s size M1 – M4 Regular and Slim soles.
  • Absorbs shock and concussion – so your horse’s hoofs and legs don’t have to!
  • Can be added to CLB Hoof Boots to tighten boot fit
  • Ideal for use to give extra comfort and stimulate blood circulation during hoof therapy/rehabilitation, Laminitis, hoof injury, during turnout or on trails
  • 5 mm thickness. Made of a specially formulated Microcellular foam compound (weight 9 grams per pad )


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