BFB Protection Pads (size 7-10)


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Sized for the Cavallo Big Foot Boot (BFB), Cavallo High Tenacity BFB Protection Pads are made of a unique Kevlar-type anti-abrasion material and can be added to Cavallo BFB Hoof Boots to protect pad inserts and boot soles from metal shoes and studs.

Custom cut sizing to fit Cavallo BFB Hoof Boots size 7 to 10. 


Which Cavallo Horse Hoof Boot Pad for my Horse?

BFB Hoof Boot Testimonial:  Alan Rochette and Mystery

“Mystery is a 13-year-old Percheron who weighs 2,700 lbs and 18.2 hands! He proudly wears BFB in size 10 (of course!).  Here is me and Mystery showing off our Cavallo BFB Hoof Boots!”



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