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The BFB Poly Hoof Boot Pad is meant for use with BFB (Big Foot Boot) Boots.

The 6 mm Cavallo BFB Poly Pads are molded from specially formulated industrial-grade polymer compound to help absorb everyday shock, plus provide your horse with additional comfort while on the trails.

Insert this Cavallo Enhanced Hoof Protection Pad into your boot to absorb shock on hoof strike and minimize fatigue. Cavallo’s advanced technology brings a new dimension to comfort to draft-sized horses.


One size – Just cut to fit Cavallo BFB Boot sizes 7, 8, 9, and 10. 

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Image of Dawn Wick's horse wearing Cavallo Hoof boots on a ride.
"Dear Cavallo, I just ordered my fourth set of boots (for horse #4 - since I can't seem to get horses that have the same size hooves).  ;-). I continue to order your boots because I love them. They're easy to put on, but stay on through mud, streams and up/down our mountain trails. One afternoon my friend (who introduced me to your boots) and I were riding the trails here in the Smoky Mountains.  A couple came trotting around us and made a snide comment about our horses' boots (they had on shoes).  Later that afternoon (and several miles down the trail) we passed this same couple, with the man off and walking his horse.  Seems his horse had thrown a shoe.  We just smiled and continued on our way.  They had a long, rocky way back to the trail head. Thank you for making such an outstanding boot. Dawn"

Dawn in the Smoky Mountains

Susan Hidalgo - Carousel founder laminitis - Cavallo Trek Horse Hoof Boots (3)

Here are YOUR Cavallo Hoof Boot stories!

Boot After Boot, Nothing Fit. Until I Found Cavallos!

"I have a Bureau of Land Management Mustang, who foundered in 2015. I tried boot after boot, nothing fit, nothing stayed on and nothing lasted over 2 weeks. Carousel was stalled for long periods and didn't have much comfort in life. Wendy and Krystle in Cavallo Customer Service helped me personally, to determine a probable fit with her 5 degree (now less) rotations. My farrier helped measure her for correct size. Life is simple, just ride! Says Carole Herder. She was right! Our Trek Boots have changed our outlook, and Carousel even picks up her feet for me to put them on. The Comfort Pads also work, as she had been showing signs of tenderness due to her PPID. I have hope again and I think it's safe to speak for Carousel, as she again has hope. Thank you!" - Susan Hidalgo

Boots over Metal Shoes? 🤔 YEP!

"Tommy, my paint, is 24 years young and loves going places to ride. We left him at home for a year before we found these boots. He is so glad to be out riding again! I Tommy has VERY tender soles. He wears metal horseshoes, but I put Treks (with pads to protect the Treks), on him to ride trails. They have been great! They stay on, and he never gets poked or becomes lame now. Thank you for a great product!" - Jamie Doup Jamie Doup Facebook - boots over metal shoes

"Dolly Clearly Preferred the ELB's..."

"It's been nearly 3 years since I bought Dolly who, at that time, had shoes & pads on her fronts. Her shoes were pulled just before I bought her and I planned to use hoof boots for riding while we transitioned to barefoot. I've had horses in the past that were shod routinely but in recent years I've come to realize how important it is for horses to be barefoot, so the foot can expand and function as it's intended to. To say nothing of saving the horse from the concussion/vibration that's transmitted through the shoes, and the damage to the hoof wall caused by the nails. However, Dolly's feet were tender enough that she needed some kind of protection during the transition. During the next year or so, I tried several different brands & styles of boots, none of which really worked well for her. I had a small fortune tied up in various sizes & styles of boots! Then I found Cavallo ELB's. They seemed to fit well & were easy to put on. Several months later, I tried some of the other boots I had but Dolly clearly preferred the ELB's. She maintained a nice online canter wearing the ELB's, when she wouldn't while wearing two other brands/styles. I've been very happy with the ELB's for a number of reasons. They're not as particular on sizing as many others are, they're easy to put on, and they're the most economical of all the boots I've looked at. And I've looked at many!! I like them well enough to have recommended them to others & to have purchased a second set for Dolly. We'll use them for as long as she needs the support & protection." - Marylin

Kizzie's New Pair of Laminitis-Fighters!

Cavallo Horse Hoof Boots for Laminitis Hoof Rehabilitation "Retirement came for Kizzie at 24, she was showing signs of ageing and weakness, and sensitivity in her feet. She had mild Laminits and was taken off grass. She developed other signs and tested positive for Cushings and confirmed early this year. A gentle sugar free diet change and immaculate farrier work had relieved the situation greatly, but we struggled with a solid month of rain in February and she became depressed and and endured an abscess. So hard to manage, we all know... The cycle of rain / laminitis / abscess / change of feed / box rest was a difficult time indeed. We had to do something to lift her spirits as well as sort her feet... What kind of magic remedy was there? I called Emma Massingale. She immediately said ''what Kizzie needs is Cavallo Boots! They will be just the remedy, so she can go out on the tracks gain and get her life back!" Oh....That would be wonderful ...magic !! I talked with Kizzie and she cheered up immediately. She offered her feet for correct measurements and I asked her what colour she'd like. "Oooh the sparkly ones", she said, "so I can show off to all my friends!" "Maybe the sensible black ones Kizz?", I said. "Maybe those would be best, and we can go out for walks again….just you and I." The Boots arrived soon after...beautifully tailor made, magnificent, black Cavallo Boots!  Kizzie gently picked up her feet and allowed me to fasten her boots, one by one. She gave me the most gentle Kizzie nose rub and said "Thank you" …. Thank you Emma Massingale, Thank you Cavallo! <3 - Annie

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Which Cavallo Horse Hoof Boot Pad for my Horse?

Which Cavallo Horse Hoof Boot Pad for my Horse?

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