Celebrating Cavallo Horse Hoof Boots Community

WESTERN STATES HORSE EXPO hint at show specials, Rachel speaking  – I chose the titles “benefits of hoof boots for the barefoot and shod horse” to talk about hoof boots in general – and then “hoof care for the modern world” to discuss more in-depth about how the hoof functions and focus much more on the benefits of being barefoot & booted

Laura Bruneau - Jumping in Cavallos in France

Laura Bruneau France jumping horse Cavallo Trek Hoof Boots


I know she does show jumping with her horse! She also does competitive cycling I believe, or at least is a serious cyclist! She really wants to break the stereotype that big show jumpers cannot be barefoot! Her horse had poor farrier work done that really messed up his feet, so she’s been rehabbing from that

Fascinating Hoof Boot History!

Lawn Mowing Hoof Boots
Lawn Boots - Museum - leather hoof boots..
Lawn Boots - Museum - leather hoof boots exhibit
Fascinating Hoof Boot History! 📖
Don’t recognize this brand of hoof boot? You’d have to be pretty old to know these boots! They are leather “Lawn Mowing Boots” from the 1800’s, made to protect the finest lawns in England from the sharp hooves of pony-pulled mowers!
Ahead of their time! They had a brilliant concept – but now we have the high-tech materials to make this happen for all horses! 🐎 Read more about this bit of equine history here:
Thanks to Andrew & Sue for sending these photos in to us! 🙂

Help for Abcesses  https://www.cavallo-inc.com/qa-with-carole-how-to-beat-a-hoof-abscess/ 

Cavallo Boots for Transport blog – if not already used

Big Trimmer in Netherlands – announce?

Horseman’s News Magazine: https://www.horsemansnews.com/HN6-21/index-h5.html?fbclid=IwAR33QlArT2tnSU4r8NaV9IuKmb2FHtbCgYNLv_u6WWkCSlHHbtk0bO1BpmM

Western States Horse Expo!.

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We are happy to announce that Cathy-Jo Arsenault-Coffin is our randomly-drawn winner for this contest!
Thank you to everyone who shared your incredible stories here about how you found your trimmer. They were all so thoughtful and it’s nice to know that there are sure a LOT of excellent trimmers out there! 
Recap three of the best stories here!
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