Cavallo Hoof Boot Measuring

This video demonstrates how to properly measure for Cavallo hoof boots.

Cavallo Hoof Boot Fitting

This video demonstrates how to properly fit Cavallo hoof boots.

Hoof Boot Technology

Cavallo Hoof Boots are made with state-of-the-art, shock-absorbing materials in physiologically advanced designs – to provide comfort, stability and safety for both you and your horse.

The Science Behind Cavallos

A recent independent hoof boot study by the Western Kentucky University Equine Science Department determined that Cavallo Hoof Boots benefit horses.

Which Boot’s Best ?

Which Cavallo Hoof Boot should you choose? The beauty of it is – there’s no wrong answer! Cavallo CEO Greg Giles explains the evolution of Cavallo styles and sole widths! 

Which Hoof Boot Pad?

Is your horse asking for Cavallo Hoof Boot Pads?Offer your horse extra comfort during trail riding, hoof rehabilitation, turnout, jumping and more!

See Where Your Cavallo Boots Can Take You

Watch the new Trek hoof boots in action and see where your Cavallo Hoof boots will take you!

Why your horse shouldn’t wear shoes

See the benefits of a natural, barefoot, program

Introducing CLB Hoof Boots for Mini Horses 

Watch the newest addition to the Cavallo product line; CLB boots for minis.

Double Dan Horsemanship on Australia’s Got Talent

Double Dan Horsemanship auditioned on Australia’s Got Talent in 2011, complete with Cavallo Hoof Boots.  

Stud Installation Video

Need more traction in the winter ice and snow?   Cavallo Hoof Boot Studs are easy to install.   This video takes you through the installation process, step by step.

Cavallo’s New Hoof Boot – Trek is here!

The newest addition to the Cavallo range of hoof boots is here! Check out this video to learn about all the advanced technology used for our latest addition.

Horse Hoof Problems Solved with Hoof Boots

Your horse’s health and comfort depends on you. It is time to take control and stop the archaic practice of nailing metal into hooves – damaging your horse’s natural hoof function.

How Do I Tell If My Hoof Boots Fit?

New to Cavallo Hoof Boots? Wonder how they should be fitting? Watch this and find out how simple it is!

How to use Cavallo Pastern Wraps

Cavallo pastern wraps are for use with any style of Cavallo hoof boots. This video shows the steps in using them successfully!

How to use Cavallo Gel Pads

Cavallo gel pads and TPU support pads are for use with any style of Cavallo hoof boots. This video shows the steps in using them successfully!  

Saddle Pads Review – Monty Roberts

Monty Roberts discusses the benefits of Cavallo saddle pads.

Hoof Boots Review – Pat Parelli

Pat Parelli  discusses the benefits of Cavallo hoof boots.

Ask Monty Roberts: Cavallo Saddle Pads Part 2

Monty Roberts (  discusses the benefits of Cavallo saddle pads.

Double Dan 

Dan Steers of Double Dan Horsemanship discusses the benefits of Cavallo Total Comfort System Saddle Pads.

Cavallo Hoof Boots on the Best of America by Horseback 

Cavallo Hoof Boots can take you anywhere!  Check out The Best of America by Horseback.

Dreams Come True With Cavallo! 

A dashing Equine Prince meets a beautiful mare (with great footwear!) at the Royal Equine Ball and they dance the night away! At the toll of midnight, his love is nowhere to be found! Thank goodness for a very SPARKLY clue left behind to lead him back to her!

Emma Massingale’s Cavallo Christmas

Merry Christmas from Cavallo! Emma’s minis, Albert and Ernie, made this video to show all the minis of the world that there’s a very special boot made just for them! The Cavallo CLB! (Cute Little Boot!)


Therapy Minis Rock!

Watch faces light up when the Honey’s Mini Therapy Adventures team enters the room! Cavallo CLB Boots offer perfect traction on indoor floors, so they can move freely and SOCIALIZE!