Cavallo Hoof Boots are the most popular hoof boots in the world. Why? Because they are, quite simply, the very best hoof boot on the market today. Cavallo Hoof Boots use all the following features (and many more) to provide you and your equine best friend a pleasant, natural ride you’ll both enjoy.


  • Advice To Horseowners, Farriers and Vets on Barefoot Horses – from the President Cavallo Horse & RiderWe have changed throughout history in amazing ways. Practices and beliefs that were once conventional are now outdated. We believed the world was flat. Leeches were used to alleviate illness. Acid rain was only a myth. If you kept ‘making faces’ your face would stay that way forever. We have navigated in and out of opposing convictions, all the while modifying our behavior to fit our beliefs
  • President Is A CustomerHorse Boots were an integral part of Carole’s personal journey from frustrated rider to a Barefoot Horse advocate.
  • Your Healthy Horse: The Barefoot HorseMany of us are happy to allow our horses to ‘go barefoot’. We see the benefits of a more natural program. We don’t like pounding nails into the hoof every 6 weeks. We understand that metal may not be the best composite to secure live tissue. Shoeing is expensive and good farriers require excessive love and adoration, but what choice do we have? If we consider pulling the shoes, our horses may well be lame. Then when we put the shoes back on, he trots off happily. What is the difference? How can some horses go successfully barefoot and others have no end of trouble?
  • Where Rubber Meets the Road: Alternatives to Metal HorseshoesOur purpose is to discuss the application of horse boots as an alternative to metal shoes. The idea that horses can be barefoot is not new. Horses have a long history of barefoot performance and have carried fully armoured, full sized men into battle. They have been used for fieldwork, war and performance in their natural barefoot state.
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