Emma Massingale - At Liberty in Cavallos

Emma Massingale with Cavallo Green Trek horse Hoof Boots

It’s no secret that Emma Massingale‘s talented herd loves their Cavallo Horse Hoof Boots! They embark on daily adventures, often on rough ground and in remote areas. Emma is careful to boot her horses with Trek and CLB to give them maximum protection and comfort.  

“Working with horses is my passion and my love, my aim is to share with you the fun in a dream come true. Horses amaze and inspire me on a daily basis, with compassion, imagination and a sense of fun, there really is no limit to what is possible.

Limited only by your imagination – but always for the Love of horses!”

– Emma Massingale

We hope you enjoy this video created by Emma featuring Cavallo CLB Hoof Boots for minis!