Who Are They? Cavallo Associates are individuals with a variety of experience, qualifications and training in Equine Hoof Care. Each one has chosen to partner with Cavallo to provide education and advocacy in the Barefoot Horse philosophy. Our Associates, who include farriers and other equine specialists, are experts in providing and maintaining the barefoot trim.
Why Choose The Barefoot Trim? Unlike the wild horse hoof that is conditioned to the varied terrain, environment and lifestyle, many of us do not have the time or inclination to maintain the hoof conditioning necessary to ride barefoot over any landscape. The Barefoot Trim serves to compensate for our horse’s domestication. If you would like to learn more about The Barefoot Trim, download our booklet…click here.
How Can Our Associates Help You? Cavallo’s Associates are available to answer your questions, discuss your concerns, and to visit clients in their area for consultations and to provide Barefoot Trims.
If you are interested in learning more about our Cavallo Associate Program or wish to know if there is a Cavallo Associate in your area, call us toll- free at 1-877-818-0037 or e-mail us.
Connie Challice 403 803 6739 Indus, AB
Lane Moore 587-798-0747 403-844-5438 Caroline, AB
British Columbia
Margot Galozo 604-338-7164 604-983-6922 North Vancouver, B.C
Janne Potter 604-266-7421 Vancouver, BC
Heather Wade 250-956-2606 Port McNeil, BC
Dolores Elliason 250-597-0477 Duncan, BC
Lynn Seeley 916-202-4095 Newcastle, CA
Phil Morrare 530-533-7669 Oroville, CA
Marianne Allen 954-496-5922 Southwest Ranches, FL
Candace Giordano 954-471-3707 Davie, FL
Larry Housley 520-253-0732 Lava Hot Springs, ID
Heidi Woog 208-721-0168 Hailey, ID
Sam Brown Equine Surgery and Medicine 316-744-2007 Wichita, KS
Mark Martin Kentucky Foothills Therapeutic Horsemanship 606-965-2158 McKee, KY
Debora Lay 406-363-3346 Hamilton, MT
North Carolina
Carla Ball 919-225-8657 Carrboro, NC
Anne Riddel 705-427-1682 Barrie, ON
Marjorie Olson 704-677-3261 Elgin, OR
Kristofer Adams 570-764-3333 Lewisburg, PA
Lynda Arbour 418-534-4011 Bonaventure, QC
Maia Chaput 579-490-4904 Rigaud, Quebec
Shannen Cote 581-998-9527 St-Lambert, QC
France Fortin 819-549-1148 Lac Drolet, QC
Catherine Larose 514-772-6275 Rigaud, Quebec
Jean Louis Munn Cheval Etc. 514-441-6225 Baie D'Urfe, QC
Lorie Fleenor 723-956-9386 Bristol, TN
Brad Kelley 931-703-6451 McMinnville, TN
Allan Biddy 903-445-6836 Jefferson, TX