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Sport Hoof Boots

Cavallo Sport Boot

*Please note – Sport Boots are made for the narrow hoof and lighter riding. If your horse has a full round hoof and you want the all terrain “hiking” boot – Simple Boot is your BEST choice.

  • Simple front fastening with industrial grade Velcro® closures
  • Simple to put on and remove; stays securely on hoof
  • Shaped for the natural hoof (needs no inserts or shims)
  • Moulded-in back flap for bulb protection and abrasion resistance
  • Softee leather foam-filled collar
  • Durable construction: Waterproof thread, rustproof metal, and high performance TPU outsole
  • Built-in drainage
  • Lightweight
  • Absorbs shock - so your horse’s legs don’t need to!
  • Promotes healthy hooves: allows expansion and contraction, and increased blood circulation
  • Built-in break over
  • Surefooted low-profile sole
  • Unique tread pattern supports frog
  • Innovative sole design provides natural heel (skid) brake
  • Integrated high density inner rim supports load bearing hoof wall
  • 1000 Denier nylon upper is tough and durable
  • Reflective for Safer Riding
  • Narrower - 1/4” (5mm)

simple measuring chart

simple measuring chart

Please note that Simple and Sport use the same measuring chart. If your horse has an equal width and length, Simple may be more suitable for your horse. Sport may provide a better fit for a narrower hoof. Simple boots are made width and length equal while Sport is made 1/4" narrower than Simple.

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