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Compare Renegade Boots with Cavallo Horse Hoof Boots

Cavallo hoof boots are specifically designed for ease of use and practicality. Cavallo hoof boots are easy to put on, do not come off and are easy to remove. You can ride over any terrain with compete hoof protection. The following chart shows some of the various uses of Horse Hoof Boots and how the Cavallo Simple Boot compares with the Renegade Boot, Easyboot, Old Macs's hoof boots and other hoof boots on the market.

Simple Boot
Renagade Boot Delta Boa Easyboot Epic and Bare Old Mac's Grip Soaker RX Marquis
Built in Drainage
Built in Sole Relief   
All Leather Upper
Spare Tire Carry a hoof Boot  
Deep Mud or Wet Conditions
Extra Protection Over Iron Shoes  
Quick and Easy Application
Riding the Barefoot Horse  
Trail Riding - Under 25 miles per week or per ride  
Distance Riding - Over 25 miles per week or per ride  
Medicinal - Soaking, Stallbound  
Protection - Hauling/Breeding  
Optional Hoof pad inserts
Endurance Riding
* Horses hoofs and riding conditions vary. This chart is meant to be used as a general guide only.

Cavallo Simple Hoof Boots or Sport Hoof Boots?

The Cavallo Simple hoof boot is the ‘hiking boot’ and Sport hoof boots are the lighter ‘action’ boot. Sport hoof boots are designed for the narrower hoof, with a built-in breakover and heel “skid” break. It has less traction than Simple boots, is slightly lighter weight and has reflective piping for night safety. Because of its narrower shape it is also great for hind hoofs. Both boots have Cavallo’s signature front opening system, built-in drainage, softee leather foam filled collar and back flap bulb protection. If your horse’s hoof is long and narrow go for Sport hoof boot and if it is round, equal length and width – go for Simple hoof boot.

hoof boots
hoof boots

Simple Hoof Boot

Hoof Boots
hoof boots

Sports Hoof Boot