Lame with Metal Shoes. Sound being Barefoot.

Another great story showing that barefoot is best. If your horse’s hooves seem tender when you ride, use hoof boots for protection on all terrains.

I am a big believer of barefoot. My husbands horse had a fractured coffin bone at age 5. By the time he was late teens he could was having trouble walking. We started looking for help with shoes and different pads etc. By the time he hit 20 he could not walk across the pasture with out discomfort. I happen to find an article about barefoot and a list of farriers. We started trimming Amigo every 6 weeks and with in 6 months he was running and playing again. My 3 horses are barefoot and never have had metal shoes. They go everywhere a shod horse goes.

Dona Wolfe, USA

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Lame with Metal Shoes. Sound being Barefoot., 10.0 out of 10 based on 3 ratings
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  1. ironfarmers says:

    Such a nice picture of beautiful healthy horses and people.

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  2. Appaloosa says:

    We have always ridden barefoot, since first acquiring horses in the 1970s. The only time we had one shod was for corrective purposes. My Apaloosa mare “Black Dun” had white feet and she had the best feet in the barn, she was never shod. She would traverse all terrain offered in FL which was much more than sand (gravel, roots, paved roads). Have an Appaloosa gelding who has 3 1/2 white hooves and he has never been shod. His feet are a little flat so I am careful where we go, but he’s sure footed and unless something happens, we’ll keep him barefoot his whole life. Am doing dressage with him and he will give an elevated trot in bare feet, something I’ve heard “experts” claim a horse cannot do. Obviously, none of them have seen a horse doing an elevated trot in the wild when a pretty boy sees a pretty girl! :-)

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